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Frequency of performing Salesforce org health checks on your org to ensure scalability of the system. In this post we will cover some important Salesforce org health check tools that diagnose issues in your Salesforce org. The Heath Check tools scans your instance of Salesforce and compares your security settings & Salesforce Code to that of the Salesforce Industry standard.

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Tools to check Salesforce Org Health

A large percentage of companies fail to gain optimal value from their Salesforce investment by not doing periodic health checks. We should do it at least once every year. Let see what all tool are available for Salesforce org health check.

  • Salesforce Health Checker
  • Salesforce Optimizer
  • Apex PMD Tool
  • Checkmarx Apex Code Scanner
  • Salesforce Accelerator
  • Manual Org Assessment

1. Salesforce Health Checker

As a Salesforce Admin you can use Salesforce’s own health checker tool to analyze vulnerabilities in your Salesforce Org, all from a single page. Health Check tool is available in Setup menu. Health Check gives you visibility into all of your org’s security settings and allows you to identify and fix vulnerabilities in your security settings.

Salesforce Health Checker

Using the health check tool you can compare and calculate total health check score against a Salesforce Baseline standard. It determines low to high risks that need to be addressed as priority.


  • Its a Free tool and provide quick results
  • Provides a detailed report on your Salesforce org issues
  • Easily set medium to high risk settings to Salesforce Baseline standard with a few clicks

2. Salesforce Optimizer

Salesforce Optimizer gives you detailed data right inside your org on more than 50 metrics covering everything from storage, fields, custom code, custom layouts for objects, reports and dashboards, and much more. Run Salesforce Optimizer in sandbox or production to get recommendations for feature improvement, clean up customizations, reduce complexity, and drive feature adoption. Receive a personalized report with advice and recommendations about how you can improve your implementation.

Salesforce Optimizer

3. Apex PMD Tool

PMD is very well known source code analyzer for Java and many more languages. Salesforce joined hands with open source developers to create this powerful tool Apex PMD which supports the Apex language. It finds common programming flaws like unused variables, empty catch blocks. It will allow us to have a better quality and avoid maintenance, performance and bug problems in our Apex code.


  • It’s free and open source
  • You can define your own custom rules 

4. Checkmarx Apex Code Scanner

Checkmark Apex Code Scanner is a tool which is powered by Salesforce. It runs a security scan on your Salesforce org and  gives a detailed report on risks based on your code quality and security. It figures out every loophole present in your apex code and checks if it aligns with Salesforce best practices.


  • Free with limitation but paid version is also there.
  • Scans through each and every line of your code in your Salesforce org.
  • Reduces the chance of an array of bugs before next upgrade.

5. Salesforce Accelerator

Salesforce Accelerator tool is mostly available on demand. It allows users who face technical issues in their Salesforce instance to get individualized technical support on demand. This expert guidance will then help you figure out your Salesforce org issues and solve them. Once you run a health check using a Salesforce Accelerator, you will get a list of issues and recommendations on possible ways of fixing them.

Salesforce Accelerator tool available to organizations who are part of a Salesforce Premier Success Plan. You need to submit a request for a Salesforce Accelerator on Help and Training portal you will get in touch with certified specialists.


  • Enhances on-time delivery of business requirements 
  • Churns out reasons behind decrease in performance and deep rooted technical debt
  • Amplifies Salesforce platform value

6. Manual Org Assessment

If you don’t prefer tools, you can always conduct a manual org assessment to analyze the health of your Salesforce Org. But be mindful that there needs to be a method to your madness. You cannot directly go into the Salesforce system, hunt down specific issues and start resolving them right away. It’s best to follow a pattern while doing so. 

You can start preparing your org assessment report with the like below:

Point to consider for Assessment:

  • Data Storage considerations
  • License Usages 
  • Workflows v/s Triggers Implementation
  • Batch Classes and Scheduler per object
  • Custom setting/ Metadata configuration for controlling Triggers.
  • Standard vs Custom Development
  • Record and ownership skews

Categorizing the issue based on Priority and Complexity

  • Quick Fixes
  • Workarounds.

Providing Recommendation for Customers.

  • Configuration changes
  • Usage Guidelines
  • System Limitations

Salesforce Health Check Video

YouTube video

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Salesforce Org

Here is some symptoms of an unhealthy Salesforce org.

  1.     Storage Limits Exceeded
  2.     Frequent Issues
  3.     Record Locking & Contention
  4.     Unnecessarily Installed Packages
  5.     Concurrent and Ever-Running Batch Classes

Salesforce Health Check Best Practices

  • We generally recommend that it should be done at least once every year.
  • Identify the symptoms of an unhealthy Salesforce org.
  • Setup Coding standard for code review.
  • Document the Apex and Test class best practices.
  • Categorizing the issue based on Priority and Complexity.
  • Security in Salesforce
Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates.

He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

Articles: 460


  1. Hello Amit,

    I am trying to health check in my org, It gives me error saying “We’re sorry. Due to recent changes, your custom baseline must be updated. Please export a new copy of the Salesforce Baseline Standard. Then, create and import a new baseline.”

    and this error” This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. First, would you give us some details? (We’re reporting this as error ID: -1169748033)”

    Please let me know how to solve this.

    I tried creating new custom baseline standard still same error .

    Thank you

  2. Salesforce Admins should be required to read this before starting a job. My Org now uses a Salesforce change management tool called Sonar, but this all applies regardless. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Hello

    Just to mention that you have also open source tools that will pop up some very interesting outcomes about the health of an org.

    Org Check is a AppExchange I created. You can test it!!

    Another great tool is also from Pablo from Salto. This is also a great tool to asset an org.

    There are other open source tools of course. Don’t hesitate to test them!!

  4. The detailed coverage of tools like Salesforce Health Checker, Optimizer, Apex PMD Tool, Checkmarx, and others offers valuable insights into maintaining a healthy Salesforce environment. This post is a great resource for ensuring optimal performance and security of Salesforce orgs.

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