Apex PMD | Static code analysis

PMD is very well known source code analyzer for Java and many more languages. Its also supports Apex. In this session/article we are going to make a static code review for salesforce Apex code using the PMD static code analyzer. Static code analysis is a method for automatically analyzing some source code without executing it.

It will allow us to have a better quality and avoid maintenance, performance and bug problems in our Apex code. In this session we will also talk about Apex PMD extension for VsCode.

Learn about Apex PMD Tool. Here is Agenda :

  1. What ist PMD
  2. Why do we need tools like PMD (Enforce Clean Code, Security, Agility, Automation)
  3. How to start and how to leverage
  4. Questions & Answers


Speaker           :  Robert Sösemann
Date                 :  Saturday, 27 July 2019 10:00 AM EST ( 7:30 PM IST)


Here is recording of session.


Dont forget to check Robert Sösemann pluralsight course on "Code Analysis in Apex" freely available to everybody. No sign-up, no costs. Here is link.


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