Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios

We got lots of requests about how we can get Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios to prepare for the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) Exam. In this post, we will share a List of publicly available CTA Mock Scenarios. Let’s see the publicly available Review Board Practice Scenarios and groups that you should join to practice for your exam.

What is Salesforce CTA Certification?

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the ultimate certification to validate your knowledge and skills when it comes to designing and building high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce platform. You can get the CTA certificate only after successfully passing the CTA review board exam. Learn more about Become a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) in our last post.

Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios

The best way to prepare for the Salesforce CTA exam is to practice more and more Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios, and that is too with the diverse group of people being your judges. Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios are the practice exam that you can use to prepare for Review Board Practice.

  1. Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios help you to remind yourself not to repeat mistakes.
  2. Mock exams help you to prepare for your time management for exams.
  3. Mock exams will help you to check your knowledge with CTA judges.

List of publicly available CTA Mock Scenarios

There are lots of places where you can get a list of publicly available CTA Mock Scenarios. Here are some of the groups which you should join to get the Salesforce CTA mock scenarios.

1. Architect Trailblazers

If you want to become Salesforce CTA. Then you must follow and join the Architect Trailblazers. Here is list of all Public CTA Mock scenarios available on Architect Trailblazers.

  1. City Scooter Share
  2. Laptop to Schools
  3. Green Roof Systems
  4. Universal Safety Technologies – Hypothetical Scenario
  5. Architect Review Board Evaluation Scenario – Patient Travel Support Foundation

2. Flow Republic

Here is list of all Public CTA Mock scenarios available on Flow Republic.

  1. Delightful Events 330.01
  2. Santa Corp 330.02.
  3. CodeRed 330.04.

Here is some freestyle architecture that are designed to solve in 60 min.

  1. Artsy 341.01
  2. SquidForce 341.02
  3. MindForce 341.03
  4. NomNom Inc 341.04

3. Ladies be Architects

  1. Flowers Racing – Ladies be Architects
  2. Wine and Sunflowers Ltd – Ladies be Architects

4. PacktPublishing By Tameem Bahri

Tameem Bahri shared below Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios for salesforce community to practice the exam. Here is list of all mock available on packtPublishing

  1. Pack Lightning Utilities
  2. Packt Pioneer Auto
  3. Mini mock scenario – Packt Digital.
  4. Mini mock scenario – Pack tInnovation Retailers.
  5. Mini Mock Scenario – Packt Medical Equipment.
  6. Mini Mock Scenario – Packt modern Furniture.
  7. Mini Mock Scenario – Packt Online Wizz.
  8. Mini Mock Scenario – Packt United Builders
  9. Mini Mock Scenario – Packt Visiting Angles.

5. CTA202 By Andrew Hart

Check out CTA202 website to download more CTA mock Scenarios.

Thank you so much Architect Trailblazers, Flow Republic, Ladies be Architects, Tameem Bahri, and CTA202 for helping us share the Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios with us. None of the above Scenarios is property of Apex Hours.

Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios Video

Don’t forget to check our Apex Hours CTA Mock Review board playlist. We have more than 9+ Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios solution presentations. I hope this helps you to understand how to prepare for the Salesforce CTA review board.

Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios Video

If you are looking for some help with a technical topic then check our Salesforce Technical Architect #CTA playlist. Johann Furmann and CTAGOF also posted some great videos on Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios.

Where we can go for Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios

Here is list of all group which you should join to get help of Salesforce CTA Mock Scenarios.

  1. Architect Trailblazers
  2. CTA Gang of four.
  3. Architect Ohana
  4. Ladies be Architect
  5. Flow Republic – Paid option
  6. Don’t forget to check Apex Hours: CTA Playlist.
  7. Technocraft CTA Academy run by Mitesh Mistry


A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in the Salesforce ecosystem. You can say, they are rare to find in the Salesforce ecosystem like unicorns. Check out the Top 10 Tips for Salesforce CTA Exam. We wish you all the best for your Salesforce CTA exam.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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