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Citizen Development (CD) is an innovative approach to business application development that empowers non-technical employees, or Salesforce citizen developers, to create customized solutions rapidly. With access to intuitive frameworks, components, and tools, citizen developers can quickly build powerful applications tailored to their organization’s needs.

This post will explore how Salesforce supports CD efforts with its feature-rich packages and how organizations can benefit from this approach. Ideation is essential when creating a custom solution, and the presentation/post will cover topics such as concept creation and effective governance processes for CD applications. Moreover, you will gain valuable insight into CD’s advantages, such as its ability to provide quality solutions without costly and time-consuming traditional coding. We aims to empower people within an organization to quickly develop innovative solutions while optimizing efficiency without relying on expensive coding skills.

What is Citizen Development (CD)?

The Citizen Development (CD) mission is to empower organizations by leveraging
low-code technology and hyper-automation to identify, vet, and automate business and IT processes. They will create composable building blocks that enable adaptive responses to change while democratizing application development. By
partnering with domain experts, organizations can build and launch applications, driving innovation and productivity efficiently.

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Business Domain Experts (Citizen Developers) are the lifeblood of every business. They have the best insight into what is required at the most impactful level.

Citizen development embraces

  • Hyper-automation as a business-driven approach to identify, vet, and automate business and IT processes.
  • Democratized application using business domain experts to participate in the development process.
  • Composable businesses create using interchangeable building blocks, allowing them to rearrange and reorient as needed in response to internal or external factors.

What is Salesforce Citizen Developer?

Salesforce citizen developer are people/developer who build the application on Salesforce using low-code and no-code solution. Citizen developer understand the Salesforce platform and become expert in Low-code, no code solution and they are good in business process. Citizen developer know exactly what they want to build, they just need the enablement to learn how to build it.

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Seven steps to empowering CD

  1. Define Governance and Standards
  2. Create Sandbox Environments
  3. Deliver bite-size learning paths and mentorship
  4. Encourage Innovation and Collaboration
  5. Establish transparent CD enablement processes
  6. Monitor and Review all CD applications
  7. Create and promote Composable components

How Salesforce Can Support CD

  1. Identify and Cultivate potential Business Domain Experts.
  2. Provide regular, bite-sized training with collaboration, mentoring, and networking.
  3. Implement work-related development orgs recommend scratch org with dev-data set, components, and frameworks.
  4. Provide an intake system that provides immediate feedback on CD viability, security, risk, and success assessment.
  5. Create a culture of ideation and fast prototyping.
  6. Fail Fast!! Reward attempts with an equal reward as with success.
  7. Define governance and design standards that include IAM, API and data access, privatization, naming, and UI/UX with access to architect, cybersecurity, and UX resources. Establish deployment lifecycle.
  8. Make Monitoring, review, and approvals as seamless as possible.

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Managing Citizen Development in Salesforce

The most significant expense in virtually all Enterprise IT organizations is the long-term maintenance of its systems and applications. For CD applications, it is important to recognize their maintenance and mitigate the long-term risk of business-developed applications.

  • Maintain all CD-provided use cases, business processes, and ROI assessments used to approve the app.
  • As the app is developed, provide documentation support (human or
    AI) to capture clear design documents. [Assume the Domain Expert
    will leave before the product is retired]

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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