How to get a job in Salesforce as a Fresher

Are you looking for How to get a job in Salesforce as a Fresher? If Yes, Then you are in the right place. This post will discuss how to get a job in Salesforce without experience and whether Salesforce is a good career option in 2024. This is a step-by-step guide around how you could start getting acquainted with Salesforce as a student/ fresher. Let’s see a guide for how to get a job in Salesforce.

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What is Salesforce?

SFDC stands for Salesforce dot com or Salesforce is one of the most popular and powerful Cloud-based CRM systems. Over the years, it has evolved and grown into “THE GO-TO…” option for every small, medium, and large-scale industry.

Is Salesforce a Good Career in 2024

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM, and as per a new study, the Salesforce economy will create 9.3 million jobs and $1.6 trillion in new business revenues by 2026! With the economic uncertainties rising across the globe, at least there is some ray of hope for the students, freshers, and experienced folks. It’s the right time to join this ecosystem now!

Why choose a Salesforce career?

Whether you love to code, you love to analyze requirements, or you are a more functionally oriented professional, you have a knack of designing, or you have a business mind set, or even an SME in your domain- Salesforce has a role and a place for each one in its ecosystem!

With the 360-degree coverage and capabilities that Salesforce products provide- you can quickly choose your career path and progress on it at your own pace, and that too free of cost!

Learn more about Salesforce Career Options. You should evaluate your self and decide which path work best for your.

How to get a job in Salesforce as a Fresher

Let’s see how to get the first job in Salesforce as a fresher without any experience.

  1. Trailhead
  2. Learn with Salesforce Initiatives
  3. Join the Salesforce Trailblazer Community
  4. Volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits
  5. Join Salesforce Internship
  6. Get Certified
  7. Select your Salesforce Career Path
  8. How to Get Salesforce Experience
  9. Make your personal branding
  10. Get Ready for the Salesforce Interview

Getting a Job in Salesforce as a Fresher is a journey. Let’s have a look into a step-by-step process.

get a job in Salesforce as a Fresher

1. Start Learning with Trailhead

This is a step-by-step guide around how you could start getting acquainted with Salesforce as a student/ fresher.

1.1 Create a trailhead profile

  1. Create a trailhead profile at and start exploring
    • Various possible career options
    • Trails (covering in-demand topics)
    • Trail mixes (customized hands-on exercises to gain project or real-time knowledge)
    • Hands-on projects
    • Certifications
    • Super badges and super sets
Start Learning with Trailhead

1.2 Deep dive with a different career path

Be it a Salesforce Admin path, a Salesforce Developer path, or a Salesforce Designer path- you have options to enroll in the course you like and complete it at your own pace.

Most of the time- it’s advisable to start exploring the platform with the below trail- this is the Salesforce Admin trail- as a Salesforce Admin, the responsibility you have is to set the Org (the work area) for your teams- developers, users, testers, etc. So let’s deep dive with the below link-

  1. Admin Beginner | Salesforce Trailhead: Once you have a fair idea on how the Salesforce as a 360 degree CRM system is setup- along with the system supported functionalities, capabilities, object relationships, data structure, business rule setup, process setup, etc.- you could further start exploring how to customize the application. As an admin you “configure” the application and as a developer you could “customize” the application.
  2. Study for the Platform Developer I Exam | Salesforce Trailhead: Once you have explored the platform and its capabilities, customization and details- you could even plan to expand your knowledge by checking the App store and creating your own App if needed!
  3. Study for the Platform App Builder Exam | Salesforce Trailhead: If you are interested in various products supported by Salesforce here is a quick view.
  4. Trailhead has a separate learning module for each of these-
    • Sales Cloud
    • Service Cloud
    • Marketing Cloud
    • Tableau
    • Experience Cloud
    • Commerce Cloud
    • Salesforce CPQ

1.3 Resources for Job Seekers

Learn about the resources Trailblazer Connect has available for job seekers. Once you start exploring Trailhead, you would understand how simple it is to really get started on an area of your interest.

1.4 Trailhead Hire Me button

As soon as you feel you have good hands-on knowledge of your area of interest, have got yourself certified to prove your experience, and are looking for a job- Trailhead has introduced a “Hire Me” button as well on your Trailhead profile- which lets the employers know you are available for new opportunities and they can directly contact you!

2. Learn with Salesforce Initiatives

  1. Trailhead Academy: You could even directly learn from Salesforce experts by signing up on Trailhead Academy
  2. Mentorship program– this is one-to-one as well as many programs where a newcomer can directly get a mentor assigned to them who could guide them right from exploring the salesforce platform to landing a job by helping with cv preparations, mock interviews, support, etc.
  3. Salesforce Pathfinder: The Salesforce Pathfinder Program is a workforce development program co-founded by Salesforce and Deloitte in 2018. The program is centered around the vision that all individuals, regardless of background, demographics, or socioeconomic status, should have access to the skills and support necessary to access opportunities as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  4. Apex Hours: “Apex Hours” is a program Of the community, For the community, and led By the community. A space that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive! Check Apex Hours FREE Salesforce Training.
  5. JOURNEY TO THE SALESFORCE: is a great way to start your career in the Salesforce ecosystem in India.

3. Join the Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Networking is a key part of getting a Job in the Salesforce echo system. Salesforce is a very vibrant and welcoming community of enthusiasts who not only love the platform and know it well- but are also equally eager to help anyone and everyone who joins this community! You could be a part of this community by joining the local groups in your city/town and getting to know the latest and greatest updates in the Salesforce ecosystem! Learn more about Salesforce events.

All Groups | Salesforce Trailblazer Community

4. Volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits.

Volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits and Education cloud customers- would help you gain hands-on real-time experience to solve real-world problems and is also considered and counted as a work experience by most of the companies.

Learn more Volunteer Your Salesforce Expertise | Salesforce Trailhead

5. Join Salesforce Internship

Getting a Salesforce internship is a good option to get started with your Salesforce career. In an internship, your organization will assign some tasks to you every day and measure their performance, which will help you to get some hands-on experience.

6. Get Certified

Salesforce certification will give an added advantage to your resume. Check our all Salesforce certifications available in Salesforce and Salesforce Certification Cost. I know as a fresher it is really hard to get funds for your Salesforce certification. Can you check this post to see how to get Free Salesforce Certification Voucher.

7. Select your Salesforce Career Path

Selecting the right Salesforce Career Path is very important for you a Salesforce Fresher to get a job. To give a quick perspective of various roles and responsibilities in any Salesforce project/program team. Let’s have a look at the below diagram. This is a sample waterfall delivery-based model to showcase various technical and functional roles available in a salesforce.


8. How to Get Salesforce Experience?

As a fresher, getting some volunteering and hands-on experience is advisable. With Salesforce Trailhead- you get a free hands-on org- to gain real-world problem-solving experience. but there are below options available to get some Salesforce Experience.

  • Work as a Freelancer
  • Work in nonprofit org
  • Create your own project.
  • Create an AppExchange product.
How to Get Salesforce Experience

9. Make your own Brand

As a fresher, if you are still struggling to get a job. It the right time to make your own brand. The below platform can help you.

  • Blogging: Blogging is a great way to show your Salesforce experience or expertise as a fresher in Salesforce. Having a Salesforce blog and solving problems will always give you
  • YouTube: If you have good salesforce knowledge be still not getting a job because of the experience issue. YouTube provides you with a good platform where you can showcase your knowledge to others.
  • Showcasing your apps: You can also create a simple app exchange product and host on AppExchange. Which can also become your experience.
  • Contribute to the Developer forum or Trailblazer community. With this, your profile will build and you will get some real-time problem ideas.

10. Get Ready for the Salesforce Interview

Once you have good knowledge of Salesforce and have hand on experience. It is time to get ready for the Interview. Check our Apex Hours Salesforce Interview Question series.

How do you find your first job in Salesforce?

Now we know how to get ready to get a job in Salesforce as freshers without any experience. But how to search for a job in Salesforce echo System? Here is some advice for you.

  1. LinkedIn: Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date.
  2. Find Recruiters: Find a local recruiter. Who can help you to get your first job in Salesforce?
  3. Find consulting Partners: Find Salesforce consulting partners in your country and local state. And apply for jobs from their career page.

Check How to become a Salesforce Developer.


Here are some questions and answers that people ask for a Salesforce career.

How to get job in Salesforce

There are 8 steps to get a job in Salesforce. 1. Start Learning with Trailhead, 2. Learn with Salesforce Initiatives, 3. Join Salesforce Trailblazer Community, 4. Volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits. 5. Join Salesforce Internship, 6. Get Certified, 7. Get Salesforce Experience and 8. Ready for the interview.

Is it hard to get a job in Salesforce?

Getting started is a little difficult but once you enter in Salesforce eco-system then you will find lots of opportunities.

How to get a job in Salesforce without experience

This is a really tricky question. When you try to get a job everyone will ask for experience. But how you will get experience without a job? The answer is you need to build your experience using Volunteering opportunities with Nonprofits, Freelancing work, Create appExchange product or create your own project in Salesforce


Do certifications, do hands-on work, do super badges, volunteer, and reach out to the Salesforce community with questions/ help needed- you don’t have to look back then! Also, there are a few Salesforce-specific job boards/portals recently introduced that can guide you around the roles available and the expectations around those roles in locations around you!

With all these learning resources at hand- there is no way you can’t make your career in Salesforce! All the very best for your new Salesforce job!!

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  2. I had bachelor degree in bsc… In 2018 now I want to switch to IT and also I completed my training on salesforce and also I completed my certification on sales force administrator. Can u suggest me a few tips to get job as a fresher please sir.

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