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Lightning Bolt Solution

Lightning Bolt is a feature available within Community Cloud. “Bolt” is the new term for what was previously referred to as a template. Lightning Bolts can be simple Community shells or involved, complex solutions.

Why is Lightning Bolt Solution?

With Lightning Bolt, you can pre-assemble and pre-configure a new community. As a Salesforce customer looking to quickly roll out a robust community, you can now select from a growing library of bolts to address a specific vertical or use case. Anyone can install a Lightning Bolt

The Contents of a Bolt

  • Theme – the overall site look & feel
  • Pages – the general or object-specific “containers” for your Web content (components)
  • Components – the components in your community, placed on specific pages and already configured
  • Component Library – the components available for further customization within your community


Further Learning

  1. Introduction to Lightning Community.

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