Entitlement Management Salesforce

In this session we will learn about Entitlement Management Salesforce. We will learn about what is Entitlement process in Salesforce and What is milestone. Entitlement management helps us provide correct support to our customers. Its features let us define, enforce, and track service levels (SLA) as part of our support management process.

Let start our Salesforce Entitlements and Milestones tutorial.

What is service levels Agreement (SLA)?

Service levels Agreement (SLA) is Agreement between you and the customer. It used to Improves customer satisfaction and Avoids any chance of disappointment to a customer.

Service levels Agreement (SLA)

What is Entitlement Management in Salesforce?

Entitlement Management is used to Ensure reps are delivering support in a timely manner and Indicate the type and level of support customers entitled to. It Provides the best solution for customer support and Offers the correct support to your customer.

Setup Entitlement Management

Let see how to setup Entitlement Management. Here are the step we need to follow.

  1. Enable Entitlement
  2. Create Milestones
  3. Create an Entitlement process
  4. Add your Milestone to the Entitlement process
  5. Add Workflow actions to the process Milestones
  6. Create Entitlement Templates for products.
Setup Entitlement Management

Types of Entitlement Process

  1. Entitlement Only
  2. Entitlement + Service Contracts + Contract Line Item
  3. Entitlement + Service Contracts

What is Milestones?

Salesforce Milestones represent required, time-dependent steps in your support process, like first response or case resolution times. This is added to entitlement processes to ensure that agents resolve support records correctly and on time.

Milestones in Salesforce
Milestones in Salesforce

Image is from Salesforce documentation. review Milestone Limitations.

Setup Entitlement Management and milestone in Salesforce.

Check our session to learn more.

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  2. I have one question, I have created 60 days milestone but on case it showing like 1 month 29 days 13 hours, but i think it must show 1month 29 days 23 hours.. Can you pls help me here?

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