Enterprise Territory Management

In this session we will talk about Enterprise Territory Management (ETM) in Salesforce.

What is Enterprise Territory Management?

Helps to manage and maintain company’s sales territories. Enterprise Territory Management Organize your Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, and Cases by Territory. Easy to keep track of which reps are assigned to which accounts and opportunities by allocating resources efficiently. Involves a geographic area or customer group over which either a sales team or an individual has responsibility.

Reports help teams organize for optimal coverage and assess territory effectiveness.

Why we need Territory  Management?

Territory  Management Maximize productivity. ETM improve sales by assigning sales territories to individual representatives. It’s easy to make assignments between territories, accounts, and opportunities. Reports help teams organize for optimal coverage and assess territory effectiveness.

Elements of Territory Management

ElementWhat it does
TerritoryHelps you organize groups of accounts and the sales reps who work with those accounts
Territory typeHelps you group territories according to a common denominator such as core reps versus overlay, or named accounts versus geographic territories. 
Territory type priorityHelps you choose the appropriate territory type for territories you create or edit. 
Territory modelRepresents a complete territory management system for your company.
Territory hierarchyShows a model’s territory structure and serves as its main interaction point.
Territory model stateIndicates whether a territory is in the planning stage, in active use, or archived.

Set Up Territory Management

Demo will cover How to Enable Enterprise Territory Management, Create a Territory Type, Create a Territory Model Record, Create a Territory, Activate a Territory Model and Report on Territories

Please check this post for our old and upcoming session on Service Cloud. Here is playlist of our service cloud sessions recording.


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    Suresh Tummalapalli says:

    Thanks Sandhya for the good session, I have three questions here. Please help me with your responses.

    1)Is this a valid scenario – Assigning Account and related Opportunity different Territories?
    2)In the above case, Does the owner of Account and Opportunity will be assigned to different territories (As Territory users)?
    3)Are those access levels defined at Territories override other sharing settings (Org Wide level/Sharing Rules/Profile level)?

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    Territory management is critical n most of the times implemented to mimic org user role hierarchy. This session is really good start for understanding concepts.

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