Dynamic Related List in Salesforce

With Summer’22 release, Now you can customize related lists directly from the Lightning App Builder instead of the page layout editor with the new Dynamic Related List in Salesforce. With Dynamic Form and Dynamic Action and Now Dynamic Related list in Salesforce adds game-changer features for its customers.

What Is Dynamic Related List in Salesforce?

Dynamic Related Lists is the newest feature in Summer’22 release. Means with the help of Dynamic Related Lists in Salesforce you can customize the related list directly in Lightning App Builder. With some customization you can decide what fields and actions appear on that related list, and when they appear.

Dynamic Related List – Single Feature

Dynamic Related List – Single component has the following features which differentiate it from the static related list component:

  1. Define Related List Label and type of list
  2. Configure Number of Records to Display 
  3. Show/hide List View Action Bar
  4. Define Related List Filters
  5. Configure Actions 
  6. Set Component Visibility

Let’s see how to configure Dynamic list in Salesforce.

Set Up Dynamic Related Lists

Setting up Dynamic Related Lists in Salesforce is a easy System Admin job. All you need to do is to add the Dynamic Related List – Single component on a Lightning Record Page and configure it. The hard work with it really is around determining what the filter criteria should be.

Add Dynamic Related Lists in Lightning App Builder

Let see how to add Dynamic related list on Account page layout.

  1. Click Setup. 
  2. Then open Object Manager, Then Search for Account
  3. Open Account page from on Lightning Record Pages.
  4. Click on the Edit.
  5. Drag and drop Dynamic Related List – Single under Related tab.
Add Dynamic Related Lists in Lightning App Builder
  1. Once you added the Dynamic Related List – Single then you can confirm all below property.
Dynamic Related List in Salesforce
  1. Once done click save and Activate.

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  1. Reply
    Rathindra Dakua says:

    Dynamic Related list – Single is yet to be introduced for the IND41 instance.😥

    • Reply
      Amit Chaudhary says:

      It will available from 6 June in all sandbox. Or you can review this feature in pre-release sandbox for now

  2. Reply
    Bao Do says:

    Until dynamic related lists have the ability to view all records and not hide records, I won’t be using them or recommending them. That it hides records that meet the filter criteria but exceeds the available display record count seems ridiculous and should not have been made available until that was remediated.

  3. Reply
    Sameera Tehreem says:

    I have experience in Salesforce Admin and i am searching for job right now,if any opportunity is there plz let me now

  4. Reply
    Suhas Pawar says:

    We wanted to use the Dynamic Related List – Single for the Asset object, where we wanted to see only active Entitlements, but this object is not available on the edit page of the Asset under related list.

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