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Join us to become a expert Salesforce Developer. In this blog post series we will share tips and trick for Salesforce Developer.

SSIS Integration With Salesforce

SSIS integration with Salesforce

This session was focused on SSIS integration with Salesforce and what is ETL. Agenda :- What is ETL Introduction to SSIS COZYROC Connector Connecting Salesforce with SSIS Simple CRUD Demo Download attachments Upload attachments SSIS best practices Logging Configuration Q&A…

Basics of Einstein Analytics

In this session we talk about Basics of Einstein Analytics. Einstein Analytics processes data using EtLT approach. Extraction, transformation, Loading in Analytics, Transformation in Analytics. Agenda:- Terminologies How many ways to create Dataset Fun Facts Can you restore DataFlow ? …

Introduction to External Services

External Services in Salesforce

In this session, we are talking about External Services in Salesforce. What if you could now start doing API Integrations without any code? Salesforce provides a wide range of external services that can be integrated with the platform to extend…