Dynamic lightning components using Custom Metadata Types

As a Salesforce Developer, we often wonder how effectively we can build customizable Lightning Components. Given that Salesforce being a multi-tenant architecture platform it is very important that we need to create more scalable & modular components. So, to achieve this we will be walking you through the approach of leveraging Custom Metadata Types that will empower anyone to quickly customize any lightning component within minutes.

Join ApexHours session to learn more about building flexible components with the help of Custom Metadata Types that will make you #SuperDeveloper who can do magic with minimal code to accomplish very complex requirements.

Flexibility = Reusability ?

Flexibility in real world Flexibility in Salesforce Lightning
The quality of bending easily without breaking Being modular and Scalable
The ability to be easily modified Configurable/Customizable
Willingness to change or compromise Able to Hide/Show elements

Lightning Components with Custom Metadata

Lightning Components with Custom Metadata

Flexible Lightning Components – Design Patterns

  1. Leverage Custom metadata / Custom Settings / Custom Labels
  2. Empower Admins mindset (use Design Tokens)
  3. Avoid declaring metadata in code (Build only skeleton)
  4. Highly configurable as possible
  5. Build not more than 2 components for a requirement
  6. Make it reusable and modular


Speaker           :  Guha Arumugam
Date                  :  Saturday, 19 OCT 2019 10:00 AM EST ( 7:30 PM IST)
Venue/Link    Online
RSVP               :   https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/events/details/salesforce-farmington-mi-developers-group-presents-build-highly-flexible-lightning-components-using-custom-metadata-types/#/
Here is recording of session.
YouTube video

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Amit Chaudhary

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  1. Hi,
    When i’m trying to use the code and run on Action button, unable to get output.
    (included force:lightningQuickAction)
    please help.

  2. When i’m trying this code working perfectly.
    The column of table should render based on metadata and it(row) should have edit and delete functionality
    please help me…………

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