Automate the App Lifecycle with CumulusCI

Portable automation takes the sophisticated build, setup, and test automation used in continuous integration and makes it available everywhere in the application’s lifecycle, for admins, developers, testers, product managers, and support engineers. It’s what lets develop dozens of managed packages and set up thousands of orgs every month without hitting roadblocks in shared environments or bogging down in infrastructure management.

What is CumulusCI?

We’ll explore how to create portable automation with CumulusCI, a free, open source tool that builds on Salesforce DX to automate scratch org setup and configuration, seed data into sandboxes and scratch orgs, and deploy apps between environments. We’ll look at the “org problem”, the challenges holding teams back from using effectively applying CI and other development best practices, and how to use portable automation to solve them. And in a live demo, we’ll go from zero to fully-automated managed package in less than fifteen minutes.

Whether you’re an end user, consultant, or ISV, you’ll leave with a roadmap for enabling your teams to move fast and innovate without breaking things, while you take your app (or your org) into the next generation of release and change management.


  • The trail to production and the org problem
  • The solution: portable automation with CumulusCI
  • Live demo
  • Metecho: Portable automation for admins
  • Completing the picture with MetaCI and MetaDeploy
  • Takeaways

The org problem

All of these roles and systems need Salesforce orgs to work in.

Building new orgs is hard.

  • Traditional tools only do metadata setup.
  • What about configuration? Data? Dependency management?
  • What about multiple org shapes for different roles?
  • CI automation is usually not “portable” (CI only).

Managing persistent orgs’ state is hard.

  • Challenging to fully synchronize with source control
  • Weak change management
  • Users conflicting with one another

What CumulusCI does

Builds orgs based on repeatable recipes 

  • Dependency management
  • Package or application installation
  • Metadata deployment to tailor org
  • Configuration of settings
  • Data seeding
  • Any task achievable with the Salesforce API

CumulusCI makes it easy to define fully-realized scratch orgs for each of your roles.

Provides tools for each role to use in their orgs

  • Run tests (Apex, Jest, Robot browser and API automation)
  • Develop and deploy code and metadata
  • Load, modify, and capture data sets

CumulusCI makes it easy for developers, admins, and testers to do their work and collaborate in version control.

Flows and tasks

  • CumulusCI comes with dozens of built-in tasks and predefined flows.
  • Tasks and flows are configurable in simple text markup.
  • New capabilities can be added in Python.

Want to learn more ? Check below recording with demo.


YouTube video

When ?

Date     : Sat, Sept 05, 2020 10:00 AM EST (7:30 PM IST)
Speaker :  David Reed
Where : ApexHours YouTube

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Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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