Apex-Defined Data Types

Salesforce’s Summer ‘19 release notes announce a new feature for Flow variables called Apex-Defined Data Types. Apex-defined data Types let admins build complex Flow variables that group information together, much like a Contact record-typed variable can have first & last properties within it.

See how this makes an admin’s life easier, particularly when using Invocable Apex in Flows. Then, see how it makes a developer’s life easier when the Invocable Apex does HTTP callouts to 3rd-party APIs, letting admins include the funniest cat pictures the internet offers in their Screen Flows. Everybody wins!

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Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates.

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