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Three Arsenel for every Admin to become a Super admin

In this session we will try to understand 3 important aspects to become super admin. 1 Login Flows – stop users from logging in when there is a system maintenance or deployments. 2 power of 1 in formulas and last 3 Using custom settings in Process builders to avoid hard codings.

Arsenal 1: Login Flows

Login flows is one of the greatest Arsenal that could be used to collect information from users during Login process. You could also use Login flows to show “Terms & Conditions” page or “Privacy policy” Page and make users Accept during Login. Login flows will come for your rescue during deployments and Release to stop users from logging into System.

Have you ever wondered how Salesforce was showing Maintenance message ?

Login Flows

Arsenal 2: Custom Metadata Relationships

As we know, Salesforce wants us to use Custom Metadata Types instead of List Custom Settings. Custom Metadata settings can be used in
a. Formulae fields
b. Validation rules
c. Process builder /Workflows
d. Flows
e. Apex

One of the less known feature is Custom Metadata Relationships. We could use Custom Metadata Relationships to connect custom metadata setting with
a. Standard Object/ Custom object
b. Custom field
c. Custom Metadata settings.

Custom Metadata Relationships

Arsenal 3: CaseSafeId and Power of 1

Did you spend more time comparing data from External Systems with Salesforce Report data? Are you using google search to convert your 15 digit id to 18 digit id or use an excel function to convert to 18 digit id from 15 digit id?

While performing data analysis you need an 18 digit id (Case Insensitive) to Provide appropriate stats. CaseSafeId function in Salesforce comes for your rescue. Create a Formula field on Standard/Custom object with casesafeId function.

Power of 1 is the greatest formula that was ever written. If you want to get the high level stats of unique counts such as Owner, Unique records owned by user from a desired object in the report then power of 1 comes for your rescue.


Date     : WED, JUN 03, 2020 09:00 AM EST ( 6:30 PM IST )
Where : ApexHours YouTube
Speaker : Sai Rakesh Puli

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Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates. He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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