Episode 9 – Integrating with Salesforce (Part 2)

Salesforce is a service first platform and external services also require to call Salesforce to retrieve or modify data within Salesforce. Join us as you embark on this wonderful journey to become a champion Salesforce developer. Episode 9 will be presented by Jayesh Tejwani on Feb 20, 2020 at 6 PM Indian Standard Time. Agenda … Read more Episode 9 – Integrating with Salesforce (Part 2)

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Introduction to External Services

Introduction to External Services

In this session we are talk about Introduction to External Services. What if you could now start doing API Integrations without any code? Let see how . Agenda :- Introduction to External Services (Beta) Demo FAQ What Problem Are We Solving Nowadays there is an API Integration in every Org Development effort that goes into … Read more Introduction to External Services

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