Salesforce Security Center

Join us to learn about Salesforce Security Center. Security Center gives you one dashboard full of high-value security and governance metrics: authentication methods, permission assignments, installed packages, Health Check scores, and settings, and security-related user and configuration metrics.

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What is Salesforce Security Center?

Security Center helps to easily manage securities within Salesforce. It can help to trace any security or policy violation done by internal actors. Its Pillars are

  • Simplify Security Management: Simplify multi-org security management and boost admin productivity by managing all your security controls in a single view.
  • Gain Visibility for Better Insights: View Critical metrics across all Orgs together and make better decisions.
  • Threat and Anomalies detection: Helps to identify and surface unknown threats using AI and ML with Threat Detection.
Salesforce Security Center

Simplify Security Management

Implement uniform security policies across orgs to reduce security risks. Benefits are:

  • End-to-end Visualization: Provide a security-centric operational view of your entire Salesforce environment to simplify monitoring and remediation.
  • Eliminate Security Blind Spots: View Aggregate and correlate metrics in a single pane of glass view and apply consistent policies.
  • Improve Security Performance: Track the security posture of your orgs and stay current with compliance goals.
Security Management

Gain Visibility for Better Insights

View key security metrics to respond to anomalies faster. Benefits are:

  • Secure Login Mechanisms: Examine how users log in to Salesforce using your network—for instance, MFA tracking.
  • View Configuration Metrics: Identify and remove malicious installed packages/apps in your environment.
  • Monitor your Security Health: Review the security health of your organization against historical values to meet the organization’s security goals.
  • Track User Permission changes: View User permission changes and track anomalous activities.

Threat and Anomalies detection

Identify any unknown threats, powered by Event Monitoring. Benefits are:

  • Surface unknown threats: Gain unprecedented visibility into unknown threats like credential stuffing and session hijacking using machine learning.
  • Investigate threats: View threat details using a centralized and easy-to-understand User Interface.
  • Monitor threat trends over time: Easily see all of your threats on a day-by-day basis for your connected organizations in one place.
  • Currently Supported Threats: API Anomaly, Report Anomaly, Session Hijacking and Credential Stuffing

Security Troubleshooting Tools

  • Login History: Monitor Login Attempts
  • View Setup Audit Trail: Monitor Setup changes
  • Transaction Security Policy: Monitor unauthorized or malicious events
  • Event Monitoring: Monitor Salesforce Events
  • Security Center: Monitor Security Changes across tenants (one-stop place)

Security Center Implementation Steps

1. Security Center License Enabled

Under System Permissions, look for the Manage Security Center permission. If it’s there, then Security Center is enabled. If not, contact your account representative to get the license. Ensure this is enabled for both Parent and Child tenant.

2. Grant your users access to the Security Center app

Create a permission set or custom profile or select one that you want to use, and then add the Manage Security Center and View Security Center Pages permission.

3. Designate Parent And Child Tenant

Identify Parent and Child Tenant orgs. Production Tenant can monitor sandbox tenants as well as other production Tenants. Sandbox Tenants can only monitor other Sandbox Tenants and not Production tenant.

4. Deploy Security Policies

Create policies to define security settings, then select the tenants to deploy them to . Policy types include Trusted IP Ranges, Health Check Baseline, Password Configuration, and Session Settings.

** Security Center refreshes its data once per day and stores 6 months of data.

** Feature is available in Enterprise, Performance, Developer and Unlimited editions.


Security Center is available for free in Developer Edition orgs. All other editions require you to purchase a license.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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