Salesforce Sales Cloud use cases

Join us to learn about What is Salesforce Sales Cloud and it use cases. We will cover some of Used Case of Sales Cloud for a chemical manufacturing firm and features of Sales Cloud.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to support sale. It is a platform where you generate your lead and convert it into Account, Contact & Opportunity. With Sales cloud you increase the performance of an organization’s sales staff and thereby increasing sales. It is totally unique in its own way and different as compared to traditional methods. Thus, the process of sales in sales cloud gives you full understanding of your customer’s opportunities which are in your pipeline of has been completed.

Features of Sales Cloud

Although, Sales Cloud comes with may features like account/customer management, producing quotes and generating invoices, but there are some unique features of Sales Cloud which are as follows:

  • Campaign Management
  • Lead Management
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Territory Management
  • Sales Performance Management

Take a look into these unique features in details.

Campaign Management

A campaign management gives you a platform where you can store all the information about a campaign which you run for a particular product, and it is also linked to your products which are existing in your Salesforce CRM. Also, it helps to promote your business as well as branding of your organization.

Lead Management

In Lead Management, once you have your campaign end’s you come up with new leads then this lead management feature helps you to look at the particular lead in a broader way, will give you each and every single detail which you have jot down during the campaign. And the lead itself linked to your campaign which means once you open a campaign in your Sales Cloud, you will have a complete view of your leads. And even you can score your leads based on their responses.

***Lead-generation campaign can include direct mail, bulk email, web seminars, conferences, trade shows, or any industry-based gathering whereas brand-building campaigns include different types of advertisements.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity records track details about your deals, they are the one where sales reps spent most of their time. Once the lead is get converted you have an opportunity which says now its your tern to send them the quotations and generate the Invoices. They are linked with accounts/customer and gives you an idea about how much deals we have won and lost. And if you need any kind of help from a team member during your sales journey, you have your Opportunity Team which gives other person a full authority to work along your pipeline.

Sales Forecasting

Based on your closed deals, you expect some kind of revenue from that deal, for this we have Forecasting, where you forecast your sales revenue based on the data which you have in your opportunity and which you have gathered from a campaign. Forecast management allows managers to predict future sales based on past sales data as well.

Territory Management

Mostly, sales people work on area basis, thus in Sales Cloud we have a Territory Management for this. You can create different territory types, build a model, and then assign users and accounts. It is available in the Enterprise and Unlimited Editions in Sales Cloud.

Sales Performance Management

Product and Price book helps Sales people to closely monitor their existing products of their company and their affiliated prices, and once they get the details they directly send the Quotation to the customer and can even check the offer validity of the particular quotation. Quotation helps customers to understand your products and services price, and if there is a discount available or not. And the best thing about quotation is that they are sync with your opportunity.

Along with the features available, we have some more hidden features which sales cloud comes with,

  • Files Sync and Share Upload important files and access them from desktop or mobile. Salesforce’s file sharing software also allows users to collaborate from any device. Additionally, sharing settings can be configured so you have control over who has editing, viewing, or commenting rights.
  • Process Automation Much of what takes up a salesperson’s time are administrative tasks. In Sales Cloud, you can set up automations that automate manual tasks, track progress that allow teams to focus more on deals and relationship building. Sales Cloud can handle nearly any process, like auto-fill orders, drafting proposals, or automation around sales approvals.
  • Activity Management One of the great things about Salesforce is in its focus on centralizing information. This prevents your team from having to switch back and forth between emails and spreadsheets, making everyone more productive. Email integration between Salesforce to Outlook or Gmail is included with most editions of Sales Cloud and syncs your contacts with Salesforce and allows you to automate follow-ups to help push deals through faster.

Business Case

Let’s look at the business case where a firm, who is a chemical manufacturing firm, and having an Enterprise Edition of Salesforce and Using Sales Cloud in a very uniquely customized for their own business. They have been using all the features which is been listed above but along with this they have some custom objects where they are getting the data stored and generate a sales revenue.

They have their salespeople who generate the lead and then based on the discussion about the product and some new innovation with the customer, salespeople raise a request to their R&D people, with the use of a custom object and also create a task for them, and then that member from R& D team started working on that customized request of customer and finally provided the feedback or a final product back to the sales team.

Once the sales team finalizes their products based on the feedback received from R&D Team, they send the quotation and ask Sample Dispatch team to submit it to the delivery team. Once the sample has been dispatched from the company to the customer address, they collect their feedback from the customer with using some automation tools over the email.

Learn about Salesforce Service cloud.

Sales cloud allows you to tailor your business with automation tools and get the full 360* view of your customers. With sales cloud you close your deals faster and in a very efficient manner.

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