Salesforce Restriction Rules

In this post, we will learn how we can Enhance Security with Salesforce Restriction Rules. Using this, we can apply filters to determine which record will be visible to the end user, using OWD/Sharing rule combined with Record Criteria.

What is Salesforce Restriction Rules

Restriction rules provide added security for your organization to limit the records that users can access. With Restriction rules, we can prevent users from accessing records that contain sensitive data or information that isn’t needed to end customers.

How do Restriction Rules work?

With Restriction rules, we can make certain records invisible, or unavailable, for certain users. After the restriction rule is applied, certain records fall outside the parameters for what they can access based on Sharing setting.

How Restriction Rules Works?
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Configure Restriction Rules in Salesforce

Let’s see how to create Restriction rules. Please follow the below step to do that

  1. Click on Setup
  2. Then Click on Object Manager
  3. From Object Manager Select the Task Object ( You can select which on which you want to create restriction rules)
  4. Then Click on New Rule button
Salesforce Restriction Rules
  1. Then configure the Salesforce restriction rule as per client requirement.
Salesforce restriction rules

Recording of Session

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Restriction Rules considerations and limitations

  1. Before creating restriction rules, turn off Salesforce Classic for your org if it is on
  2. Restriction rules are applied to the following Salesforce features.
    1. List Views
    2. Lookups
    3. Related Lists
    4. Reports
    5. Search
    6. SOQL
    7. SOSL
  3. Restriction rules are available for custom objects, contracts, tasks, events, time sheets, and time sheet entries.
  4. At this moment we can create only a maximum of 5 Restriction rules per object. 
  5. And we cannot have AND or OR conditions in the criteria
  6. Check Salesforce Restriction Rule Considerations guide to learn more.


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Amit Chaudhary

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