Introduction to Salesforce Function & Evergreen

Salesforce Function | Evergreen

Salesforce Functions is a service that lets developers write code that integrates with data and events on the Salesforce Platform and run it on-demand with an elastic scale in a serverless environment. Salesforce function will help you with :

  • Meet business needs with on-demand, elastic scale on trusted infrastructure
  • Functions are event-driven, elastically scalable, and can be written in a language of your choice such as Node.js, Java or Apex
  • Deliver connected experiences with Salesforce data
  • They provide seamless access to data in your org and can be integrated with other low-code and pro-code services


We did the one session in Alpharetta Developer group on Introduction to Salesforce function/evergreen. Here is recording of session.

Check this demo to learn more about Salesforce function. This is available in pilot.

Please check about other announcement in this blog post.

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