Salesforce Data Cloud ( formerly Genie )

Join us to explore the Salesforce Data Cloud ( formerly Genie ) for Admin, Architects and Developers. We will talk about Salesforce Data Cloud (formerly Genie), how it works, and discover how Data Cloud artifacts are exposed as familiar platform metadata. Also learn how you can interact with Data Cloud data using LWC, Apex, Flows, APIs and SDKs.

What is Salesforce Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud power your customer company with unified, real-time data. You can can organize and unify data across Salesforce and other external data sources. You can ingest data into Data Cloud and then personalize and engage through the creation of audience segments.

Feature of Salesforce Data Cloud

  • Connect: Unify all your customer data at scale, from any source, with out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Harmonize: Anticipate customer needs and preferences with unified profiles that adapt to their activity in real time.
  • Activate: Empower teams to create intelligent, automated experiences across the Customer 360 with unified data.

How Data Cloud Works

Source : Apex hours session.

Use cases for Data Cloud across industries

Financial Services

Identify major life events to grow deposits and generate revenue. Detect possible fraudulent transactions and launch a real-time journey to notify customers to review any suspicious behavior.

Health Care and Life Sciences

Integrate with multiple health telematics systems to calculate a Unified Health
Score, or identify critical points for intervention in care. Onboard healthcare providers with greater efficiency and reduced risk of churn with aggregated insights across multiple channels.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Identify key audiences for personalized ads and new audiences through look-alikes. Select audiences by top purchases, top-tier loyalty, and highly engaged customers. Identify moments that matter in a customer journey, from an abandoned cart to delivery notifications.

Media and Communications

Identify an optimal purchasing window for new devices and services by combining historical transactions and real-time behavioral data. Turn customer service into an upsell channel by having a shared, Customer 360 view across subscription management and sales.

Low Code/ Pro Code

Data Cloud Integrated Natively with Customer 36O. That make this tool more powerful.

No/Low Code Options

Setup and Configuration: You can configure all this activity Data Streams, Data Models, Calculated Insights, Data Actions, User experiences using App Builder.

Flows: With flow you can Automate using Data & metadata change, Platform Events and Flow actions.

Packaging: Create Data Kits and 2GP

Pro Code Options

Apex and LWC: Query data using SOQL and ConnectApi, Automate using Async Apex Triggers and Invocable actions.

APIs and SDKs: Interact with Data Cloud using Direct APIs, Connect APIs, Metadata APIs, Web and Mobile SDKs.

Data Cloud ( formerly Genie ) Video

YouTube video

Demo Flow

Salesforce Data Cloud ( formerly Genie )
Source : Apex hours session.

Data Cloud Permission Sets

Data Cloud Data Model

Explore more on the Salesforce Architects website.

Data Cloud Invocable Actions

ActionLimitsRelease date
Data Ingestion for CRM datastream4 times in 24 hours (for a full refresh)Already available
Data Ingestion for S3 datastream4 times in 24 hours (for a full refresh)Already available
Publish Calculated Insight3 times in 24 hoursAlready available
Trigger Identity Resolution Job4 times in 24 hoursTo be available in March 2023
Publish Segments (materialize
segments and activate)
6 times in 24 hoursAlready available

Packaging & Extensibility

Packaging support with Datakit for ISVs/Partners to extend Data Cloud with their domain specific extensions with Data Streams, Data Mapping, Data Model and CIs.

Packages can be built with CRM, S3 & Ingestion API connectors.

Create Scratch Orgs and 2GPs

This (for ISV partners only)

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