Top Salesforce Blogs in 2023

What are the best Salesforce technical blogs? Here are some most popular Salesforce blogs for Admin, Developer, and architect that everyone should follow. We selected the top Salesforce blogs based on their overall popularity within the Salesforce community and website traffic data from semrush (one of the leading SEO tools).

Big Thanks to all authors for giving back to the Salesforce community by providing great content by Salesforce Developer Blog or Salesforce Admin Blog. Here is top Salesforce Blog for Admin, Developer and Architect in 2023.

Top Salesforce Admin blogs

Let’s start with the Top 15 Salesforce Admin blogs which all Salesforce Admin should bookmark.

1. Salesforce Admin

This is a community for Salesforce Admins to learn, connect, and be inspired. It contains Webinars, blog posts, and events for Salesforce Administrators. Follow this blog to get best practices, tips and tricks, insights, and career advice for Salesforce Admins.

Salesforce Admin

Follow the Salesforce Admin blog to get Admin tips and tricks, and career advice for Salesforce Admins.

Semrush Domain Rank 1K | Authority Score 81

2. Salesforce Ben

Salesforce Ben is run by a small but mighty team, excited about distributing knowledge from the Salesforce community and uncovering the next big thing in the ecosystem. SFBen is good for Admin-related content and Salesforce News.

Salesforce Ben

Follow the SFBen blog for Admin-related content and Salesforce News.

Semrush Domain Rank 53.2 | Authority Score 41

Ben McCarthy is founder of Salesforce Ben blog.

3. Automation Champion

Automation Champion has a lot of useful content for Salesforce admin and best practices for automating business processes and workflows on Salesforce using process builders, workflow, Lightning flows, etc.

Follow the Automation Champion blog for more content on Salesforce Flow and Solution Design Articles.

Semrush Domain Rank 1M | Authority Score 29

Rakesh Gupta is founder of Automation champion blog.

4. Unofficial SF

UnofficialSF is a loose collaboration of bloggers, MVPs, and the occasional Salesforce employee. This blog is not an official Salesforce blog. Any opinions expressed here by Salesforce employees are their own opinions and not those of Salesforce.

Follow the Unofficial SF blog for Flow, External Service, and Lighting web components.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.4M | Authority Score 24

5. Infallible Techie

Magulan Duraipandian is person behind the Infallible Techie blog. You will discover very informative Blog Posts that dig deeper and provide more clarity with screenshots and references.

Follow the Infallible Techie blog for admin and developer content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.4M | Authority Score 22

6. Ashish Agarwal

Ashish Agarwal is a Freelance Salesforce Architect, Trainer & Blogger with 26 Salesforce certifications, 2 Accredited Professionals & 1000+ Trailhead badges. He used to write content on Salesforce Step by step guides.

Follow the Ashish Agarwal blog for step-by-step guides.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.5M | Authority Score 25

7. Salesforce Faqs is a website that provides tutorials and resources for users and developers of Salesforce, the customer relationship management (CRM) software from Salesforce.

Salesforce faqs

Follow the Salesforce FAQS blog for Admin and Developer content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.5M | Authority Score 15

Bijay Kumar is the the founder of This is new blog added in 2023.

8. SFDC Lessons

SFDC Lessons is good Salesforce Admin and Developer blog. Which is run by Arun Kumar. You can find various Salesforce tutorials and tips that Hehas written to help beginners and experienced developers alike. He also share my experience and knowledge on Salesforce best practices, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Follow the SFDC Lessons for Admin and Developer content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.8M | Authority Score 20

9. ShellBlack

ShellBlack provides tenured and highly qualified Salesforce consultants who are passionate about and actively contribute to the Salesforce community. As a result, ShellBlack has a fantastic blog that includes admin and certification resources led by a Salesforce MVP All-star!

Follow the ShellBlack blog for Salesforce Einstein and Sales Cloud

Semrush Domain Rank 2.4M | Authority Score 21

10. Simply SFDC

SimplySfdc, a blog by Salesforce MVP Johan Yu, focuses on Salesforce products like Salesforce Einstein, Sales Cloud, etc. Admin and dev users will find lots of helpful content for establishing an understanding of the product features.

Follow the Simply SFDC blog for Salesforce Einstein and Sales Cloud.

Semrush Domain Rank 2.7M | Authority Score 22

11. Salesforce Time

Salesforce Time is your go-to destination for all things Salesforce Flow and Salesforce news. This blog is dedicated to helping you improve your skills and stay up to date. Whether you’re a seasoned Salesforce professional or just starting out, you can find valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help you succeed.


Follow the SalesforceTime blog for Salesforce flow and news.

Semrush Domain Rank 3.2M | Authority Score 19

Follow this blog and discover new ways to streamline your workflows, automate your processes, and unlock the full potential of Salesforce.

12. Salesforce Geek

Shubham Bhardwaj is content creator for Salesforce Greek. Follow this blog of Salesforce flow content.

Follow the Salesforce Geek for Flow content.

Semrush Domain Rank 3.2M | Authority Score 11

13. Force Panda

Narender Singh is a content writer for the force panda website. He comes from a non-coding background which is not even remotely related to coding or Salesforce. He use to write content around Salesforce Flow.

Follow the Force Panda blog for admin best practices and flow content.

Semrush Domain Rank 4.9 M | Authority Score 16

14. Nerd @ Work

Enrico Murru ( is a Solution and Technical Architect at WebResults (Engineering Group) and the first Italian Salesforce MVP. He is the creator of the ORGanizer for Salesforce.

Nerd @ Work

Follow the Nerd @Work blog for admin best practices and Admin content.

Semrush Domain Rank 6.1M | Authority Score 19

15. Salesforce Weekly

Salesforce Weekly is a popular blog that is run by 3 Salesforce MVPs – Mike Gill, Chris Edwards, and Ines Garcia. On this blog, you can find different How-To guides, admin tips and tricks, information about Salesforce product releases and events, opinion pieces, and much more.

Follow the Salesforce Weekly blog for admin best practices and flow content.

Semrush Domain Rank 7.3M | Authority Score 15

Top Salesforce Developers blogs

What are the best Salesforce technical blogs? It is time to see the top 16 Salesforce Developer blogs which every developer should follow:

1. Salesforce Developer

Salesforce Developer is SFDC’s official developer blog. It contains Webinars, blog posts, and events for Salesforce Developers. Follow this blog to get best practices, tips and tricks, insights, and career advice for Salesforce Developers.

Follow the Salesforce Developer blog to get best practices, tips, and tricks.

Semrush Domain Rank 1K | Authority Score 81

2. Apex Hours

“Apex Hours” is a program Of the community, For the community and led By the community. A space that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive!

ApexHours Logo

Follow the blog to get best practices, tips, and tricks.

Semrush Domain Rank 191.1K | Authority Score 34

3. Sfdc Point

SFDCPoint is run by Ankush Dureja and Nitish Singhal. They both write the technical content in Apex, Aura and Lightning web components.

Follow the SfdcPoint for Lightning web component and Salesforce automation tool.

Semrush Domain Rank 554.7K | Authority Score 28


Dinesh Yadav writes content for Salesforce Tutorials, Certification Guides, and Salesforce Interview questions. Dinesh Yadav is 30x Certified Salesforce Solution Architect.

Follow the DYDC blog for Certification Guides and Salesforce Interviews.

Semrush Domain Rank 998.8K | Authority Score 22

5. SFDC99

Sfdc99, Written by a self-taught Google engineer David Liu, focuses on learning Apex and motivation.

Follow the SFDC99 blog for learning about Apex

Semrush Domain Rank 1.3 M | Authority Score 26

6. Level up Salesforce was created to share knowledge about all things Salesforce. Our aim is to create a practical library where developers and admins can seek easy solutions to difficult problems. As two professional Salesforce developers we thought we would try and give something back to the Salesforce community by sharing our experience, challenges and Salesforce related stories.


Follow the levelupsalesforce for difficult problems.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.6M | Authority Score 20

7. TheBlogReaders

TheBlogReader, a blog by Salesforce MVP Sakthivel Madesh, focuses on LWC and VsCode Tips.  He is very passionate about Salesforce and Love to Learn & Share Salesforce knowledge with Salesforce Learners/Beginner using his Blog and Salesforce Community.

Follow the TheBlogReaders blog for LWC and VsCode Tips.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.3 M | Authority Score 50

8. Salesforce Codex is started in 2016 as a personal blog where the author tried to solve problems with simple and understandable content. Today, is focused on helping salesforce developers, programmers and other IT professionals improve their careers. We are helping developers in integrating other technologies,  coding best practices etc.

Follow the Salesforce Codex blog for developer-related content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.4 M | Authority Score 19.

9. SFDC Stop

SFDC Stop started in 2017 with an aim to make complex stuff easier in Salesforce for everyone. Currently it has 100+ posts covering topics like: lightning components in aura and lwc, Salesforce integration, javascript, git & github, Salesforce dx and data structures in apex.

Follow the SFDC Stop blog for developer-and LWC related content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.4 M | Authority Score 21.

10. SFDC Kid

SFDC kid refers to Salesforce beginners who want to build their career in Salesforce Ecosystem. But due to no coding background, less experience or no coding experience they are struggling to learn Salesforce from the very basics to an advance level to compete with the world.

Follow the SFDC Kid blog for developer-and LWC related content.

Semrush Domain Rank 1.4 M | Authority Score 21.

11. Salesforce Diaries

Salesforce Diaries is run by SANKET KUMAR. Learning and sharing together, This is what He do via Salesforce Diaries.


Follow the Salesforce Diaries for Lightning web component content.

Semrush Domain Rank 2.1 M | Authority Score 20

12. Salesforce Bolt

Kapil Batra is the founder of this blog and the YouTube channel Salesforce Bolt. It’s started in March 2020. He used to create content for Lightning web components and Apex

Follow the Salesforce bolt blog for Lightning web components and JavaScript.

Semrush Domain Rank 2.1 M | Authority Score 18

13. Jitendra Zaa

Jitendra Zaa’s blog does not need any introduction. Everyone knows him and his blog. He is a Salesforce MVP and Sr. Technical Architect. He has been a technical reviewer of many Salesforce books like Enterprise patterns in Salesforce, Introduction to Chatter, Visualforce cookbook, Mastering Salesforce CRM Administration, etc, and author of the Apex Design pattern book.

Follow the Jitendra Zaa blog for the best technical content.

Semrush Domain Rank 4 M | Authority Score 25

14. PantherSchool

Amit Singh ( Salesforce MVP ) is the Founder of the SFDC Panther and Certified Salesforce Application Architect and Salesforce Analytics & Lightning Champion and He is a 19X Salesforce Certified Professional.

Follow the Panther School blog for Lightning web components and JavaScript.

Semrush Domain Rank 4.1 M | Authority Score 14

15. Bob Buzzard

This Blog is written by Keir Bowden. He is a Salesforce MVP, author of the Visualforce Development Cookbook and he is also Salesforce Certified Technical Architect.

Follow the Bob Buzzard blog for technical content on SFDX.

Semrush Domain Rank 5.5 M | Authority Score 17

16. Technical Potpourri

Sudipta Deb is a Technical Architect at Salesforce and he is the content creator of this blog post.

Follow the Technical Potpourri blog for Lightning web components and JavaScript.

Semrush Domain Rank 6.1 M | Authority Score 17

Top Salesforce Architect Blogs

Please follow the below Salesforce Architect blog if you are planning to become a Salesforce Architect.

1. Salesforce Architect blog

The Salesforce Architect blog is a tech publication for architects, by architects. We explore and celebrate what matters to architects and demystify the complex roles architects play: leader, builder, designer, planner, creator and problem solver. Through the content we publish, we create new ways for architects to learn, understand and connect.

2. Salesforce Architect Medium

A tech publication for architects, by Salesforce Architects. Follow on medium.

3. Cloudsundial

Lawrence Newcombe is cloud architect, Salesforce CTA and developer. He write really great content on Salesforce OAuth flow.

4. Ladies Be Architects.

If you want to become a CTA then you should check and follow the ladies to be architect blog.

5. Gang of four

We are a Gang of Four (GoF) passionate and motivated individuals, brought together by various community events, and here we are together again for giving back to the community. We are here to share our experience and learn from yours on your architect journey. Whether you just started your career or are already a seasoned architect, we are here to collaborate and help each other.

6. Purposeful Architect

Richard Cunningham started Purposeful Architect in 2020 to create conversations about the discovery and design stages of Salesforce solution development

How We Selected Salesforce Top Blog

We selected top Salesforce blog for developer, Admin and Architect base on semrush SEO Tool ranking and popularity in Salesforce eco-system. If you think any blog is missing in this list please share in comment so we can update the list.

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We covered the top 10 Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developers’ blog base on SEO ranking and popularity. Let us know which Salesforce blog you like and should be included in the above list.

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates.

He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

Articles: 465


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  10. How do I start a Salesforce implementation?
    Salesforce implementation is a process of integrating the Salesforce platform into an organization’s existing business processes to improve sales, marketing, customer service, and other operations. The process starts with planning, where the organization evaluates its business goals and objectives and identifies the Salesforce features that can help achieve them.

  11. How can Salesforce Data Integration assist with app development?
    Salesforce offers the simplest approach to app development. When it comes to creating a brand-new application, there is nothing simpler than dragging and dropping components. Basically, you can easily build an app on Salesforce Data Integration if you can just imagine, point, and click.


    Thank you for sharing this valuable list of top Salesforce blogs. As someone who is new to the Salesforce community, I find this post incredibly helpful. It’s great to have a curated list of the best blogs to follow based on popularity and website traffic data. I have bookmarked a few of these blogs already, including Salesforce Admin and Automation Champion. I look forward to learning more about Salesforce from these blogs and staying up-to-date with the latest news and best practices. Thank you again for this informative post!

    Regard’s Swami Bala

  13. As a Salesforce enthusiast, I have found this list of the top Salesforce blogs in 2022 to be an invaluable resource for staying up-to-date with the latest trends, best practices, and insights in the Salesforce ecosystem. These blogs provide a wealth of knowledge and are a must-read for anyone working with or interested in Salesforce.

  14. Hey Amit, I really like this list; there are a lot of great resources here! I wanted to suggest checking out our blog as well: – we mainly focus on advanced Apex and LWC development content. I’ve checked our ratings on Semrush, and they seem to be quite promising.

  15. Thank you Apex Hours team for the mention, thank you Amit Sir for always being a constant support.

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    My name is Rahul Gawale and I am the author of the Salesforce blog I am writing to you to express my interest in having my blog added to your list of Salesforce blogs. covers a wide range of topics related to Salesforce development, including Apex, LWC, JavaScript, SLDS, Flow and Configuration. I am passionate about Salesforce development and I am always looking for ways to share my knowledge with others.

    I share the content based on real time problems or requirements that I go through my day to day life as a developer. I also have around 10+ public git repositories related to Salesforce and contributed to a few from others.

    I think that would be a valuable addition to your list of Salesforce blogs because it provides high-quality content that is relevant for Salesforce developers.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  18. Hi Amit,

    I follow your blog and appreciate your work! My name is Dorian Sabitov and I am the author of the Salesforce blog .
    I am a certified Salesforce developer and administrator and create useful content as for both developers and administrators. My journey as a blogger is just beginning, but I am constantly enhancing my knowledge and skills and improving my content. My goal is to create practical and valuable knowledge to improve the capabilities of Salesforce professionals.

    I would be very grateful to you, as an experienced expert in this field, if you would consider my blog for inclusion in your collection.

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