How to make most of Salesforce Architect Summit 2023

The most awaited event for the trailblazer community specially in India is around the corner. You may be hearing buzz around the Salesforce Architect Summit happening in Pune on 1st April 2023. The full information about the second edition of the “Salesforce Architect Summit” can be found on website.

The primary objective of this event is to help Salesforce professionals develop an ‘architect mindset‘ and accelerate their Certified Technical Architect journey.

Salesforce Architect Summit
Salesforce Architect Summit

Following the success of the first ever Salesforce Architect Summit in 2019 in Pune, the team has put up a great line of speakers and sessions. Let’s help you out on how to make most of Salesforce Architect Summit 2023.

  1. Plan the agenda in advance, there are 3 parallel sessions going on throughout the day and hence you need to pick and choose the session that you are interested in, there will be CTA, CTOs and industry leaders who are going to take these sessions, planning in advance would help you get most of it.
  2. The experiential learning workshops are designed to help you grow your technical aptitude and think beyond the obvious, the workshop on CTA mock session, well architected workshop or soft skill sessions which will be taken by professionals actors who are expert in communicating through engaging acts
  3. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes as the event starts at 8AM you will be walking throughout the day. The venue is air conditioned but the weather is usually hot in Pune. So take out your business casuals and sports shoes to rock it on.
  4. Take home the digital and physical memories of the event with lots of learning and amusing technological innovations. Bring an extra bag, in case you win a log of swags.
  5. Meet Expert Speakers and CTAs there will be over 35 speakers, including CTOs, CTAs, MVPs, Industry Leaders and Salesforce Senior Technical Leadership. There will be multiple avenues to not just learn from their sessions but also meet them 1:1 and bounce your thoughts. Speakers include Zayne Turner, Senior Director, Architect Relations, Salesforce, Sebestian Wagner, CTA, Master Coach at Flow Republic, Johann Furmann, CTA, Coach at Flow Republic, Owner Admin’s Helper, Susannah Kate- Plaisted, Lead Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce, Tom Leddy, Principal Evangelist, Architect Relations, Salesforce, Neha Nagori, Salesforce CTA, Himanshoo Seth, Salesforce CTA etc. You can see the full list of speakers here.
  6. Keep away your shy side and network with others, you never know this might be your first meeting with your next colleague, potential employers or best friend. There will be ample opportunities for networking during breakfast, breakout, lunch and learning ›sessions. Do not miss any of these.

Hope to see you at Salesforce Architect Summit. I am sure you must be excited for the event, If you are unable to attend this time, there’s always a next time!

Ashvin Bhatt
Ashvin Bhatt

13x certified Salesforce Architect, Dreamforce and TDX speaker, co-founder of Salesforce
Architect Summit and Community Leader.

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