Rollup Summaries with DLRS (Declarative Lookup Roll-up Summaries)

Let join us learn about about how to create Rollup summaries with DLRS (Declarative Rollups for Lookup Field Relationships). DLRS is a managed package used to creating roll-up summaries between lookup relationships. This is a community driven tool.

What is Rollup Summaries Field?

Roll-Up Summary Fields in Salesforce summarize data from a set of related detail records and automatically display the output on the master record. That displays the sum, minimum, or maximum value of a field in a related list or the record count of all records listed in a related list. They are only available to master objects in a master-detail relationship.

There are 3 different ways to create roll-up summaries field in Salesforce for lookup.

  1. An AppExchange App (Rollup Summaries with DLRS)
  2. A Flow
  3. Apex Triggers

What is Rollup Summaries with DLRS?

DLRS is perfect for creating rollup fields for objects that are not related through a master detail relationship. Rollup Summaries information between Lookup relationships not previously possible without writing Apex Triggers or Flow (Automation Tool). With DLRS we can define rollups using standard UI declaratively, no coding required.

DLRS Example

How do we measure activity on an Opportunity? We want the opportunity to “show the story” about the communication with the customer. We need to have an easy way to see that the sales exec has been engaged with the customer. Activity Score measures:

  1. Number of Emails sent/received
  2. Number of calls created
  3. Number of tasks created
  4. DLRS used to count emails, calls, tasks
  5. Formula to create an Activity Score

How to Use DLRS?

Let see how we can implement above example in Salesforce using DLRS tool. Check our recording for step by step process to create roll-up summaries field on lookup relationship.

YouTube video


Declarative Lookup Roll-up Summaries (DLRS) managed package is one of the option for create roll-up summaries field on lookup relationship as a low code solution.

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Amit Chaudhary

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