Lightning Web Components

Introduction to Lightning Web Components (LWC)

After completing 24 successful sessions on amazing topics in 2018. Finally we come back with new amazing topic “Lightning Web Components”.

Today 12 JAN 2019 “ApexHours” organized another successful session on “Introduction to Lightning Web Components” with “Jitendra Zaa“. This time we did this session in 4 countries and in 5 developer groups. We got more them 350+ RSVP for this event in all developers Groups.

Farmington Hills Developers got 200+ RSVP.


  • Why Lightning Web Component (LWC)
  • Part 1 – Vanilla HTML5 Web Components
    1. Benefits of Web Component
    2. Pillars of Web Component
    3. Demo of Custom Element and Templating
  • Part 2 – Lightning Web Component
    1. Hello World
    2. Demo of Lifecycle methods
    3. Call Apex Class
    4. Access Custom Label
    5. Lightning Data Services
    6. Communication between Lightning Component and LWC
    7. Third party Callout from LWC

Here is Recording of Session:-

Introduction to Lightning Web Components.

Here is PPT of session:-

Check our blog post on Lightning Web Components

  1. Lightning Web Components ( LWC ) in Salesforce with Non-Scratch Org
  2. Invoke Apex Controller from Lightning Web Component | Lightning Web Component inside Another LWC
  3. Design attributes in Lightning Web Components | CSS and SVG Files
  4. How to get current user id in lightning web component

Check our YouTube recording on Lightning Web Components

  1. Lightning Web Component with non-scratch org
  2. Invoke Apex Class from Lightning Web Component
  3. Design attributes in Lightning Web Components | CSS and SVG File

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And Don’t forget to RSVP for our next session on Basic of Pardot

Feel free to post your feedback or question.
Amit Chaudhary


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Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary

Amit Chaudhary is Salesforce Application & System Architect and working on Salesforce Platform since 2010. He is Salesforce MVP since 2017 and have 17 Salesforce Certificates. He is a active blogger and founder of Apex Hours.

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  • Please share Updates

    • Which update you are looking for ?

  • Thanks for the great session on LWC. One thing I want to know why Salesforce is not providing anyway to see LWC component from Salesforce Org?

    • May be something will come in future

  • Hi

    Very Good session about LWC and HTML Web Component. I need Source code of session so please share GitHub url.


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