Platform Events

Integrating with Salesforce using Platform Events

In this session we talk about how to Integrating with Salesforce using Platform Events.

Agenda :-

  1. Point to Point Integration Challenges
  2. Solution – Event Driven Architecture
  3. Understanding Platform Events
  4. Publishing & Subscribing to Platform Events
  5. Demo
  6. Q & A

Point to Point Integration Challenges

  1. Scalability Inclusion and removal of entities to the communication is time consuming
  2. Tight Coupling Dependency on every integration point makes it maintenance heavy
  3. Non Ubiquitous Communication Inconsistent & disparate data exchanges formats

The Solution – Event Driven Architecture

Anatomy of  an Event Driven Architecture

Understanding Platform Events

  • Sobject like Salesforce Entity
    • Suffixed with __e
    • ReplayID for replaying specific event
  • Pub/Sub based communication
    • No polling required
  • Heterogeneous payloads
    • Define events with different payloads

Here is recording for Session.

Here is PPT of Session.


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