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Einstein Bots

In this session/post we will talk about what is chatbot and Salesforce Einstein Bot. Chatbot in Salesforce is named as Einstein Bots. If you want to configure the same in your developer org please check this post for step by step process

What’s a Chatbot?

A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation. Instead of having a conversation with a person, with chatbot customer can have a conversation with a computer. Chatbots can reduce the workload of support agents and free them from doing repetitive tasks. Bots can’t replace humans. But they can complement the support-chat experience, giving customers a friendly greeting and direct ways to get what they need—fast!

What is an Einstein Bot?

Einstein bots are, quite simply, a chatbot. For those unfamiliar, chatbots simulate conversations with humans through a variety of different mediums, but most commonly through the web by means of a chat window or through applications such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat or SMS. Chatbots are configured to automate simple tasks such as answering FAQs or complex tasks such as qualifying & routing an inquiry to specialized agents.

With Einstein Bots, we can keep your sales/service reps free from simple, repetitive tasks. If in case the bot is not able to resolve customer query, they can be made smart enough to transfer to an agent with chat history for appropriate resolution. It can save agents’ considerable amount of time in a day.

Benefits of Einstein Bots?

Business units leveraging Einstein Bots benefit from scalability, availability and affordability of Einstein bots.

  • Chatbots can immediately answer specific questions for customers to make them happier
  • Customers spend less time waiting “in the queue.” 
  • It Saved time for agents



1) What’s all the fuss about Einstein Bots ?
2) What are my pre-requisites ?
3) What is it made up of – Dialog, Slots and Entities
4) Let’s Build One!
5) Things to Remember
6) Q & A


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