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Conga Composer is a document generation tool that helps us to not only generate the document but also allow as to build and automate the documents. If you want to generate pixel-perfect rich documents in Salesforce like quotes, invoices, contracts etc. then using Conga Composer in Salesforce is the way to go.

What is Conga Composer?

Conga is a 3rd  party and one of the best selling apps on Salesforce marketplace AppExchange. Conga composer allows Salesforce user to create, customize, automate and generate documents and quotes by a single click on a button. It can also select richly-formatted templates with data from any kind of object in Salesforce. We can create conga template through template builder. Here is Digital Documents Pillar

  • Visualize your data and create your document​
  • Next steps… send your document for eSignature​
  • Automation with Batch, Trigger & Orchestrate​
  • Hands On: Build a Composer solution

Setup Conga Composer.

Check below recording to learn about step by step process to setup conga composer.

YouTube video

Composer Advanced Features

FeatureDescriptionWhy use it​​
Document Notifications​​Receive instant notifications and immediate insight to accelerate sales cycles and business processes​Reduce follow up guesswork​Increase forecasting and pipeline adjustments​
Document History & Tracking​​Accelerate deal opportunities with better pipeline engagement for consistent, recurring prospect and customer conversations​Update document flow to better ensure important sections are viewed​Track and analyze trends ​
Send via LinkAttachment sizes for outbound emails are no longer a concern, as Composer max file size of 40MB can now easily be delivered via unique URL​Get all documents to their inbox the first time, no matter the size​

Composer Automation

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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  1. But, if a customer has a quote generated via communities, do we need Conga to simple generate a pdf version or is there another way of creating a pdf version without Conga?

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