Basics of Einstein Analytics

In this session we talk about Basics of Einstein Analytics. Einstein Analytics processes data using EtLT approach. Extraction, transformation, Loading in Analytics, Transformation in Analytics.


  1. What is Einstein Analytics
  2. Terminology
  3. Importing Dataset
  4. Creating Lenses
  5. Creating Dashboard
  6.  Dashboard Tips and Tricks
  7. Steps Cross-Dataset filter (Connect DataSet)
  8. Dataflow Performance Improvement
  9. View SAQL


  1. App – Analog to folder
  2. DataSet – Formatted and Optimized data
  3. Lenses – Saved exploration from Dataset
  4. Measure – Numeric fields (any field that can be measured)
  5. Dimension – Group By
  6. Filter – Condition
  7. Grains – One row of denormalized data
  8. SAQL – Salesforce Analytics Query Language based on pigql
  9. Pigql – Apache Pig Latine Query Language used in Hadoop as well
  10. SFDCDigest – Deriving Data
  11. Augment – Joint between digest
  12. Faceting – Updating filter to change dashboard content

How many ways to create Dataset

  1. DataFlow – Using Add Dataset in DF
  2. Create Dataset Button
  3. JSON
  4. Recipe

Fun Facts

Can you restore DataFlow ?  No. That’s why download and Backup JSON frequently

Can you restore Dataset ?  Yes. Salesforce maintains version of Dataset. Navigate to Dataset dropdown, at bottom of page, there is link to restore dataset

Data Replication

  1. Decouples the extract of Salesforce data from your dataflows, letting you run it on a separate schedule
  2. As it runs ahead of time, Dataflow performs faster
  3. To make it more faster, extraction done in incremental order
  4. Few other connector gets available once we enable replication

Here is PPT of Session:-


Basics of Einstein Analytics Video

Amit Chaudhary
Amit Chaudhary

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