Lightning Locker Services


Today 15 DEC 2018, “Salesforce Apex Hours” organized another successful Online session / event on “Salesforce Apex Hours :- Lightning Locker Services“.

Thank you so much Manish Choudhari for a great session.

Here is the Agenda – 

1 What is Lightning Locker Service?
2 Why there is a need for Lightning Locker?
— Why do we say that browsers can be insecure?
— What is malicious JavaScript?
— What is cross-site scripting(XSS)?
3 How it impacts your Lightning Components?
4 How you can enable/disable Lightning Locker
5 Demo

Here is recording of session :-

Here is PPT of session.


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Amit Chaudhary

@amit_sfdc    @ApexHours
Salesforce Apex Hours 

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