Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes

Join us to learn about Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes hottest feature. In this post we will talk about top hottest feature for Salesforce developer and Admin.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Features For Admins

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes hottest feature for Admin.

Admins currently have no way to add custom quick actions to the related list and need to add actions on the highlight panel which impacts user experience. You can now use custom quick actions on the related lists and they will be able to configure custom quick actions both on Page Layout Editor and Dynamic Related List in App Builder. Only Create/Update Quick Actions are supported.

Use Case

Mass Create Quick Action directly from the Related List Mass Update Quick Action to update e.g. status of more than one case from the Account Related List. Learn more.

2. App Clone

App clone is new enhancements in App Manager. Admins often need to create custom apps for different departments and business units in their organizations with similar use cases. These apps may have a few differences but creating them from scratch can be time consuming and inefficient.

Solution / How To Configure

Within the App Manager, select a custom app and click on the drop-down to Clone.

3. Set Field Level Security on Permission Sets instead of Profiles

Admins can now easily set FLS on permission sets during field creation or edit making it easier to use permission sets over profiles.

How To Configure

  • Setup -> User Management Settings -> Set FLS on Permission Sets
  • Setup -> Object Manager -> Object -> Create New field
  • Setup -> Object Manager -> Object -> Field -> Set Field Level Security

4. Dynamic Forms on Mobile

Addresses one of the top voted ideas on IdeaExchange! Most of the customers have highlighted the need to provide a simpler experience for end users while on the go.

Now Dynamic form is available on an opt-in basis from the mobile settings area in the Setup menu. Once opted in, enable the feature from Lightning App Builder. For pages that have already been upgraded to Dynamic Forms, remove the Record Detail – Mobile component from the page, and forms will be rendered on mobile. For pages that have not yet been upgraded, the legacy component will no longer be added to the page upon upgrade, and Dynamic Forms on mobile will work without additional configuration.

5. POST HTTP Callouts (Beta)

Send Salesforce Data to an External Server Without Code via HTTP Callout. With Post HTTP Callout you can declaratively add Salesforce data to external systems to reduce the dependency on developers.

You can create a reusable HTTP Callout action and use POST to perform a callout that adds resource to any HTTP-based API. To set Request Body, create resource and select Apex-defined type that parses the action’s Body. Then add an Assignment element, select the output variable from the previous step and map each body field.

Learn more HTTP Callout into Flow Builder Without Code.

Salesforce Summer ’23 Features For Developer

Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes hottest feature for Developer.

1. LWC Calendar

Calendar Home is now a Lightning Web Component. Limitations in the number of events viewed on the calendar existed, and the way events were displayed was difficult to navigate. Limitations in the Aura implementation of calendar prevented new features from being implemented effectively.

How To Configure

Navigate to Activity Settings in Setup and enable “Use Lightning Web Components for Calendar Home” to turn on the new Calendar experience.

2. Access Labels in Apex Dynamically

Use the System.Label.get(namespace, label, language) method to get a custom label, optionally specifying a language. The feature now allows dynamic resolution of label names at run time, including overriding the user’s current language if a translation exists for the requested language. Previously, retrieving labels required compile-time knowledge of the label API name.

String strLabel = System.Label.get('namespace','LableName','hi');

3. Manage DML Exceptions in User-Mode Database Operations

Database methods for user-mode DML operations generate the correct DMLException. Previously they generated a SecurityException. This behavior is versioned, and the correct exception is generated in API version 58.0 and later.

Account acct = new Account();
try {
insert as user acct;'DmlException expected due to missing Name field');
} catch (Exception ex) {
// This assertion fails with API versions below v58.0 because a SecurityException is generated
         Assert.isInstanceOfType(ex, DmlException.class);


4. Quickly Create Full Sandboxes

The Quick Create technology enhances the speed at which Full sandboxes are created or refreshed. Teams can focus more time on developing and testing solutions, and less time waiting for sandboxes to be built.

Learn more about Sandbox in Salesforce.

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