Salesforce Lead Assignment rules

Salesforce Lead Assignment rules automate your org lead generation and support processes. Lead Assignment Rules are a powerful tool that enables the automatic assignment of leads to the right sales representatives based on specific criteria.

What is Salesforce Lead Assignment rules?

Lead assignment rules are used to specify how leads are assigned to users or queues. This is used to assign the owner of leads based on lead generation, like leads created from the web or imported from a data loader.

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Type of Assignment Rule 

There are two types of assignment rules we have in Salesforce.

  • Lead Assignment Rules
  • Case Assignment Rule

How to create lead Assignment Rules

Let’s see the step-by-step guide to set up the lead assignment rules.

  1. Creating Lead Assignment Rule
  2. Creating Lead Assignment Criteria
  3. Specify the lead assignment method
  4. Activate the lead assignment rules
  5. Test the lead assignment rules

Consideration for Lead Assignment Rules

  1. We can create as many assignment rules as possible, but only one can be active.


Lead Assignment Rules can help streamline your lead management process, improve lead conversion rates, and increase sales productivity by ensuring that the right leads are assigned to the right representatives.

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