Gaurav Jain

Gaurav Jain

I have more than a decade of experience in IT industry and played multiple roles in my career, starting from Software Developer, trainer , Business analyst and Technical manager. I have worked on many technologies which includes, C#, WCF, SSIS, SQL Server , Salesforce , Apex etc. I am a Microsoft and Salesforce Certified Developer and I love writing technical blogs.

Useful Git commands

In this post, we will talk about useful git commands for developers. Version control refers to the process of saving different files or different ‘versions’ of files throughout the various stages of your project. This enables developers to keep track…

Outbound message in Salesforce

outbound Message in Salesforce

Workflow Outbound message can be used to connect or pass the data from Salesforce to any other external system using SOAP API. In the form of SOAP API notification a single SOAP message can include up to 100 notifications. What…