Apex Dev Hours Contest

An age-old saying goes “The fruits of hard work are sweet” However at #ApexHours, we believe that the fruits of your own hard work are the sweetest and we want the attendees of the Apex Hours for Student program to experience this! Let’s see the detail for our Apex Dev Hours Contest.

Letting the cat out of the bag…

So, we tried answering the million-dollar WIIFO (What’s In It For Me? ) question on behalf of all our ApexHours attendees, and here’s the deal.

All Apex Hours for Developer attendees are eligible to win the following. The program begins on Feb 10, 2020, at 6 PM India Time and will run daily until Feb 26, 2020.

  • 2 Salesforce Certification Vouchers
  • 2 Vouchers for Mastering SalesforceDX course on Udemy
  • 3 Lightning Web Component Course Vouchers
  • 3 Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests Voucher

Apex Dev Hours Contest: How do I win?

We are running a contest for all our Apex Hours for Student Program attendees, and here’s how it works.

  1. A problem statement will be given to all the attendees after each session. The problem statement is relevant to the concepts explained in the session.
  2. The attendees are expected to complete this problem statement in their dev orgs by referring to the Apex Hours Developer session recording from our YouTube channel. We will upload all recordings by 6 MAR 2020.
  3. Once complete, the attendee needs to do the below activities for each session:-
    1. The attendee needs to comment on the ApexHours
      website against the respective session after mentioning the assignment is complete.
    2. Also need to Tweet for each session with the hashtag #ApexHoursDev tagging @ApexHours, saying that you completed your assignment.
  4. By 14 MAR 2020 you need to submit your Dev org access to our team to evaluate your assignment.
  5. Multiple contestants will be chosen from this contest by the ApexHours team, and informed via email. These contestants will qualify for a LIVE quiz round.
  6. We will announce the winners on 22 MAR 2020 on our live quiz round, and Winners of the quiz will be rewarded!

The decision of the ApexHours team will be final in choosing the winners.

All the Best and Get Set Go!


  1. A very productive session. A really good initiative taken by Apex hour’s team! Assignment is a good way to learn and implement knowledge.

  2. Hi Team, you mentioned that all are eligible to win the vouchers. Can you please clarify if everyone gets the whole package of
    2 Salesforce Certification Vouchers
    2 Vouchers for Mastering SalesforceDX course on Udemy
    3 Lightning Web Component Course Vouchers
    3 Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests Voucher

    Or is that the complete stock of freebies you have and will be distributed among the winners? Being transparent, I am very interested in the certification voucher and want to know how many will be given out.

      • One per person menas one person can get just one of these freebies? For ex: someone wins a SF Certification voucher and someone else gets one LWC Course voucher, etc. Right?

      • Also, there are only 2 SF Certification vouchers available. So that means only 2 people will be given those?

        Thank you so much for clarifying @Amit

        • We will select 10 lucky winner and every one will get one voucher from above price list.
          Ist and 2nd will get Salesforce Certification voucher $200
          3rd,4th,5th will LWC Course Voucher $200
          6th, 7th will get Salesforce DX course Voucher $30
          8th, 9th and 10th will get Salesforce Admin Certification (CRT-101) Practice Tests Voucher $59

  3. Hi as per rule need to Tweet for each session with the hash tag #ApexHoursDev tagging @ApexHours saying that your completed your assignment.
    Is it manadatory to tweet on twitter, I am not having tweeter account.

  4. Hi, Please,
    Is there a link for the answers of the different assignments (Salesforce Developer Training Free ) ?

  5. Now that the contest is over, will the homework answers be posted? Thanks for the great learning opportunity!

  6. hi sir i was following ur admin free videos .all were great .but today all of sudden i m not able to access .how can i have access of developer n lightning series.. thanks sir

  7. Hi Amit,

    Awesome learning experience, Is this challenge still open? And where we need to submit our assignments? Also, I will be very helpful if the winner can post their assignments over here as it will help us to evaluate ours.


  8. Hi Amit,

    Request you to kindly help me out with solution of assignments. I’m not getting winner assignemt.

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