Meera R Nair

Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Certified System & Application Architect, Trivandrum DUG Co-Leader

Sandhya Sambasivan

Solution Architect. 6x certified, Application Architect and Kochi Developer Group Co-Leader

Jiji Jayasingh

Solution Architect. 11 years in Salesforce. 8x certified, Application Architect. Women In Tech Kochi group Co-lead

Ranjini Janardhanan

Solution Architect. 11 years in Salesforce. Salesforce Certified(17x) System & Application Architect. Kochi WIT Group Lead

Khyati Mehta

Group Leader | Salesforce Marketing Champion | Speaker

Amit Chaudhary

Salesforce Technical Architect. Founder of Apex hours.

Jitendra Zaa

Salesforce CTA, MVP, Evangelist, Author, Associate Partner at IBM.

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