Salesforce Apex Hours is a program Of the community, For the community and led By the community. A space that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive!

Run as a recurring event to share expertise on Salesforce and its ancillary areas through face to face and online interactions. Come learn and grow with this congregation and also help spread the word!

Apex Hours is one stop platform to learn Salesforce skills and technology. Apex Hours has all the tutorials you need to get started with and become a master in it

After a great success in 2018 , 2019 , 2020 and 2021. We are come back with our 2022 sessions list.

Upcoming Session


Session Completed in 2022

  1. Pure Unit Testing in Apex on JAN 1, 2022
  2. Service Cloud Training.
    1. Introductions to service cloud 
    2. Case Management
    3. Case Management : Case Escalation Rule 
    4. Entitlements and SLA in Salesforce
    5. Setup Salesforce Knowledge
    6. Live Web-Chats 
    7. Omni-Channel Routing 
    8. Setup the Lightning Service Console 
    9. Set Up a Community 
    10. Territory management (ETM) 
    11. Digital Engagement Tools 
    12. Computer telephony integration (CTI) 
  3. Data and Security in Salesforce on JAN 15, 2022
  4. Salesforce for Slack on JAN 22, 2022

Apex Hours

Apex Hours is one stop platform to learn Salesforce skills and technology

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