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  • Salesforce User Stories in Action

    Join this interactive session to understand how to write Salesforce specific user stories, how to prioritize user stories, and learn some guidelines around story estimation. Topics:– User Story Writing– User Story Prioritization– User Story Estimation– Q&A Please subscribe our YouTube channel to get notification for video upload

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  • Salesforce Agile implementation

    Most of the Salesforce implementations are following Agile methodology, especially using the most powerful framework ‘Scrum’. There are many misconceptions around how Scrum works, what are the roles involved and ceremonies followed. Join this interactive session to unveil how Organizations are being Agile! Topics:– Agile vs Waterfall– Introduction to Scrum–...

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  • Security in Salesforce

    In this session we will talk about Apex security and sharing in Salesforce which developer must know. We’ll go through the main concepts that developers must understand to code secure applications on the Salesforce Platform. We’ll talk about how to enforce data security and how to prevent SOQL injection attacks...

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