Review Slack both declarative and development, showing how you can improve your implementations and day to day user experience with Slack on your Salesforce projects. Keeping in mind the Slack first motto and allowing for a single tool for collaboration for teams being used for messages, approvals, record collaboration, and the day to day of users is clean and simplified with Slack. We will review the Workflow Builder, Salesforce for Slack application and how to connect Slack to records and feed channel messages back to salesforce and from Salesforce to Slack allowing for a streamlined path for traceability and non-licened user input.

Slack will show aggregated application details, not only for End Users but your back-end SF work. We will review how to make slack less obtrusive in day to day for users while moving their record management and your org management visibility to Salesforce from email and other apps to avoid jumping and searching when properly designed. All the benefits, less of the pain points.


  1. Intro
  2. Automation Options
  3. Salesforce for Slack
  4. Workflow Example
  5. App Example
  6. Proper Design
  7. Q&A

Time      : SAT JAN 22, 2022 – 10:00 AM EST ( 8:30 PM IST)

SpeakerMeighan Brodkey

RSVP : Check recording here.


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