Multi-Factor Authentication in Salesforce (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication MFA

At Salesforce, Trust is number one value, and nothing is more important than the security of our customers’ data. Salesforce offers some of the most advanced security and authentication capabilities right out of the box! Come learn how to lock down user access by implementing Multi-Factor Authentication in your Salesforce org. Multi-factor authentication was formerly called two-factor authentication or 2FA. Multi-Factor Authentication … Read more Multi-Factor Authentication in Salesforce (MFA)

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Introduction to new Salesforce mobile app

In this ApexHours session we will talk about New Salesforce Mobile App and Salesforce Mobile Architecture. We will also see how to setup Lightning Mobile app. Agenda Salesforce Mobile Architecture Overview Introduction to New salesforce lightning mobile app Set up Lightning Mobile app Building custom lightning page for Mobile Experience Creating a Mobile App page … Read more Introduction to new Salesforce mobile app

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