Salesforce composite Resources

Salesforce Composite resources

In this session we are going to exploring Salesforce composite resources / composite API. Use REST API composite resources are helpful to improve application’s performance by minimizing the number of round-trips between the client and server. What is Composite Resources let us see what is composite resources. We have seen...

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Salesforce Connect Integration

When we want to access data stored in an external system –  to display, search, or modify within Salesforce, Salesforce Connect is one of the solution options. You can use Salesforce Connect to retrieve data from different types of endpoints. What is Salesforce Connect? Salesforce Connect is a powerful App...

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Oauth Authorization flows in Salesforce

Join us and learn about Oauth authorization flow in Salesforce. In this session we will cover Oauth Web Server flow and Oauth JWT Bearer token flow. Agenda Creating Connected App and Managing Connected App usage Oauth Web Server flow (walkthrough with postman) Oauth JWT Bearer token flow (walkthrough with postman)...

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Salesforce GraphQL

Salesforce requires most of the time multiple integrations with other systems (e.g. ERP, Billing, Marketing, etc.), and GraphQL API is a relatively new API approach which makes integrations way easier. Salesforce Rest API is Good The Salesforce Rest API is easy to understand and use. Basically, you can set a...

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Integrating SMS with Salesforce

Text is coming back in a big way and why wouldn’t it be? An email inbox is a crowded place with every last person you’ve given your email to, vying for attention. SMSes are better suited to concise, high-speed interactions that are increasingly being recognized as a high-impact medium amidst...

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Salesforce Integration and Interview Question

Salesforce Integration with External System

In this blog post we talk about what is Integration? and how to integrate with external apps using Apex REST and SOAP services. We will also cover some Salesforce integration interview questions and Apex Integration Services. If you want to learn about Getting data out of Salesforce in near-realtime then...

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Episode 8 – Integrating with Salesforce (Part 1)

Salesforce is a service first platform and it is often required to integrate Salesforce with external applications and services. In this episode we will learn about performing callouts to external services using Apex. Join us as you embark on this wonderful journey to become a champion Salesforce developer. Episode 8...

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Salesforce integration Patterns & Best Practices

Join us to learn about different Salesforce integration Patterns and Integration Best Practices. In this session we will talk about different Integration patters like request and reply/response, Fire and forget, Batch Data Synchronization, Remote Call In, Data Virtualization. Why Integration Salesforce can’t be source of everything. It can be CRM...

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Paypal integration with salesforce

PayPal integration with Salesforce | Paypal API

Join us to learn about PayPal integration with Salesforce. In this session we will show how you can easily connect the PayPal Payflow Pro payment gateway to Salesforce, in order to charge credit cards directly from Salesforce, either via embedded buttons. Agenda: Purpose of Integration What is API? What is...

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