Advanced Analytics With Tableau

In this session we are going to learn how to deploy connections between Tableau and its advanced analytics external services and then utilize these connections to develop powerful and flexible data science applications. Automation And Augmentation If you take a step back to consider the disruptive potential of AI, we believe there are two distinct … Read more Advanced Analytics With Tableau

Admin knowledge matters for the CTA

In this session and post we will talk about why you need to know Administration to become a CTA? More than 60 to 70% of requirements can be solved with Click. You should be chosen click over code if possible. Salesforce Administrators are in an excellent position to transition into an Architecture. The trick is … Read more Admin knowledge matters for the CTA

Salesforce Developer to Architect

Salesforce Developer to Architect

In this post, we will look at the top considerations that are crucial to being a successful architect on the Salesforce platform. Even more, We will share approaches on what to focus on if you are a developer on the journey to becoming an architect. Being a good Architect means lifelong learning, practicing and goal … Read more Salesforce Developer to Architect

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Salesforce Test Automation

Salesforce Test Automation

In this post I want to provide an insight to the minds of a Quality Assurance Engineer when it comes to software testing in relation to applications. I also want to highlight gaps in testing that I have observed across the last 14 years and provide some insight into what your test teams should … Read more Salesforce Test Automation

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DML Statement vs. Database methods in Salesforce

DML Vs Database method in Salesforce

As a Salesforce application developer, we always have a question like in how many ways we can perform the DML operations when dealing with transactions? The answer is Salesforce provides 2 ways to perform the DML operations. Simple DML operations Using Database class methods Simple DML Operation Use Case: Inserting Accounts into Database without checking … Read more DML Statement vs. Database methods in Salesforce

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Lightning Bolt Solution

Lightning Bolt Solution

Lightning Bolt is a feature available within Community Cloud. “Bolt” is the new term for what was previously referred to as a template. Lightning Bolts can be simple Community shells or involved, complex solutions. Why is Lightning Bolt Solution? With Lightning Bolt, you can pre-assemble and pre-configure a new community. As a Salesforce customer looking … Read more Lightning Bolt Solution

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Order of execution in Salesforce

Order of execution in Salesforce

In this post we will review the order of execution in Salesforce when we save a record with an insert, update, or upsert statement. This is important to understand if you are an Salesforce Admin who works on automating processes or if you are a developer that writes trigger code. Both worlds will converge in … Read more Order of execution in Salesforce

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The Meta Architect

Meta Architect

Certified Technical Architect (CTA), one of the pinnacle Salesforce certification. Based on name alone, it’s all about the technology, right? Not exactly, the role and success depends on so much more. Let’s go beyond the tech and examine the meta. We’ll discuss the people, process and leadership needed to make the tech successful. Technical Architect … Read more The Meta Architect

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Oauth Authorization flows in Salesforce

Join us and learn about Oauth authorization flow in Salesforce. In this session we will cover Oauth Web Server flow and Oauth JWT Bearer token flow. Agenda Creating Connected App and Managing Connected App usage Oauth Web Server flow (walkthrough with postman) Oauth JWT Bearer token flow (walkthrough with postman) Oauth JWT Bearer token flow … Read more Oauth Authorization flows in Salesforce

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