Salesforce Function | Evergreen

Introduction to Salesforce Function & Evergreen

Salesforce Functions is a service that lets developers write code that integrates with data and events on the Salesforce Platform and run it on-demand with an elastic scale in a serverless environment. Salesforce function will help you with : Meet business needs with on-demand, elastic scale on trusted infrastructure Functions are event-driven, elastically scalable, and … Read more Salesforce Function | Evergreen

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Discover Social Studio: The Product, The Use & The Connector

Social Studio Salesforce1

Lets navigate Social Studio in demo mode! By the end of the session you will know how to use this tool. Learn how to listen, engage, publish and analyse using this powerful all-in-one social media marketing and management suite, some of the pickles, the hub automation extension and the current connector integration and why in … Read more Discover Social Studio: The Product, The Use & The Connector

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Exception handling in flow

In this session we will talk about how to handle exception/error in Salesforce flow using fault connectors and Platform events framework. Agenda : Flows Use Cases Exception Handling & Logging Exception Object & Fault Connectors Transaction Behavior How Platform Events Helps Exception Handling & Logging Exception Unexpected event occurred during your transaction execution Exception Handling … Read more Exception handling in flow

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Demystifying eCommerce Development on Salesforce

Let’s walk through a journey of ramping up on Salesforce eCommerce platforms, from the various offerings – B2B Commerce, B2C Commerce, writing your first “Hello World” app and beyond. Walking through the best practices of building highly scalable and user-friendly eCommerce sites on the Salesforce platform! We’ll also talk about how do you build an … Read more Demystifying eCommerce Development on Salesforce

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Studio

What is Automation Studio in SFMC? An introduction to Automation Studio in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. What is SQL, Data Extract, and FTP. An overview of an Automation Studio use case. Agenda What is Automation Studio? SQL Queries Data Extracts FTP in Automation Studio Configure Marketing Cloud SFTP Automation Studio Use Case What is Automation Studio? It … Read more Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automation Studio

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Introduction to Einstein OCR

Einstine OCR

In this session we will learn about Einstein OCR and Create/Update Leads and Contacts using Business Cards. Let’s welcome an amazing #Summer20 release gem – Einstein OCR. Now get optical character recognition (OCR) models that detect alphanumeric text in an image with Einstein OCR from a single REST API endpoint. Join us for a interesting … Read more Introduction to Einstein OCR

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Introduction to AWS

Introduction to AWS

Have you ever wondered what AWS is all about? How does amazon web services cater to such different clients in the market? What role does Salesforce Play here ? how AWS + Salesforce becomes a deadly combination to solve most of the business use cases ! These are the kinds of questions which will be answered in … Read more Introduction to AWS

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User 360 – The Missing Link

Have you ever run into a client requirement, searched for a solution on stack exchange and to your dismay, it solely existed as an Idea in the IdeaExchange? You are not alone. I recently was involved in a Salesforce org strategy engagement where we had to split a single monolith org into several ones based … Read more User 360 – The Missing Link

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Accelerating digital transformation with API Led approach

API Led approach Mulesoft

Gaps in current IT project based approach and why transformation initiatives fail. How API Led and Application Network accelerates transformation. High level features in Mule which help with this approach. This session is for all audiences and can help technical and non-technical people to have conversations with Enterprise Architects and Business stakeholders and sponsors when talking … Read more Accelerating digital transformation with API Led approach

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