Salesforce Agile implementation

Most of the Salesforce implementations are following Agile methodology, especially using the most powerful framework ‘Scrum’. There are many misconceptions around how Scrum works, what are the roles involved and ceremonies followed. Join this interactive session to unveil how Organizations are being Agile! Topics:– Agile vs Waterfall– Introduction to Scrum–...

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Security in Salesforce

In this session we will talk about Apex security in Salesforce which developer must know. We’ll go through the main concepts that developers must understand to code secure applications on the Salesforce Platform. We will cover how to enforce data security and how to prevent SOQL injection attacks in Apex....

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Trigger Actions Framework

Administrators use platform products like Flow to deliver powerful business processes, and developers can write Apex to handle more complicated scenarios. The biggest question for Salesforce architects has been how to arrange these tools together to build complete solutions. In this post we will talk about how to orchestrate ALL...

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Event-Driven Development in Salesforce

In this session we will talk about Event-Driven Development in Salesforce. Let’s take a look into the many ways events have changed the way we develop on Salesforce – we’re going to be taking a look at Lightning Message Service, CustomEvent, the EMP API, Platform Events, Change Data Capture, WebSocket,...

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Workbench in Salesforce

Salesforce Workbench

In this post we will talk about what is Workbench in Salesforce and what all we can do with this tool. Workbench is a powerful, web-based suite of tools designed to interact with organizations via the APIs. What is workbench in Salesforce? Workbench is a web-based tool designed...

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Salesforce DevOps

5 Pillars of a successful Salesforce DevOps process

In this session we will talk about the 5 Pillars of a successful Salesforce DevOps process. What is DevOps DevOps = automated, more regular releases OR DevOps = simply a better way of managing releases /deployments Why is DevOps important A higher frequency of new releases to production Fewer bugs...

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Salesforce Code Review Checklist

Code review checklist

In this post we will talk about Salesforce code review checklist and how a customer, Project manager, administrator and developer make sure whether the code written for their uses are followed Apex coding standard as well as avoid vulnerabilities Security issues. Before talking about Apex Best Practices Checklist let see...

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My Top 5 AppExchange Free App

My Top 5 AppExchange Apps

In this post we will talk about Top 5 FREE Salesforce AppExchange Application. If you want to learn about how to submit your appExchange product for Salesforce Security Code Review then check this post. CMTD Enhanced Related List CMTD Enhanced Related List is a “Custom Metadata Type Driven” Lightning Component...

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