Identity Flows OAuth 2.0

Identity Flows : OAuth 2.0

We’ll look at several core OAuth flows relevant to Salesforce. User interaction No user interaction Authorisation Code + Secret (Web Server) Implicit Grant (User-Agent) Authorization Code + PKCE  JWT Bearer SAML BearerUsername-Password Intended audience: Architects, developers, security professionals and identity buffs. For each flow we’ll cover: Sequence of steps Interesting...

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Username and password flow

Username-Password Flow

Allows client to authenticate using user’s username and password together with a protected secret. Use the username-password authentication flow to authenticate when the consumer already has the user’s credentials. Avoid using this flow because you have to send username and password un-encrypted to Salesforce. Additional requirements Client must securely manage...

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Governance model required in SF projects

Join us and learn about. The governance dilemma for Salesforce projects, what makes Salesforce special compared to other platforms. Why has many Salesforce projects struggled with quality despite governance. The CTA role in defining and implementing a Salesforce governance model and Governance at scale. Throughout my career, I have seen...

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Omni channel in salesforce

Omni Channel in salesforce

Channel your Omni! Discover a super powerful workload automation tool already included in your Service Cloud that for some mysterious reason you are not yet using. Manage workload: configure how to route, when to route, what to route, to whom to route and jump in to the rescue when your...

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