Visual Studio Code for Salesforce

Visual Studio Code is recommended IDE for Salesforce development. In this visual studio code tutorial we will talk about how to setup VsCode for Salesforce development. We will guide you step by step process to setup Vscode. In this session you will learn how to connect vscode to salesforce sandbox and how to retrieve apex class in vs code.

We can significantly increase productivity by using the right tools at the right time. Visual Studio Code is a popular development tool for its incredible productivity features. In this session, we’ll explore the features of VS Code, configure, and customize to use it as a power tool for Salesforce Development.

There are different way to setup VsCode by ForceCode Extensions or SalesforceDx. Here is agenda of our session.

  1. How to Install VsCode
  2. Install Salesforce Extension Pack.
  3. Create project with non Scratch Org
  4. How to create Apex Class
  5. Run Test Class : To retrieve code coverage results when you run Apex tests, edit your workspace settings and set salesforcedx-vscode-core.retrieve-test-code-coverage to true.
  6. Execute Code
  7. fetch data with SOQL
  8. Debug log in VsCode

Vs code is very powerful tool for Salesforce Admin to take advantage of SFDX.


VsCode for Salesforce With SalesforceDX

Further Learning

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  1. Reply
    Anil says:


    Could you please add installation of Salesforce CLI and setting class path in environmental variables. Without this visual studio won’t work right ?

    Anil kumar

    • Reply
      Amit Chaudhary says:

      Yes you need Salesforce CLI

  2. Reply
    Vijay says:

    Hi Amit,
    When I have tried SFDX:Authorize an org I am having an issue, Can you please help me in solving it?
    Please answer this uestion



  3. Reply
    Anil says:

    Hi Vijay,

    Please run the below command in the cmd promt and check whether salesforce CLI is installed or not.

    SFDX –version

    If not please install Salesforce CLI and set the class path under the environment variables.

    Anil Kumar

  4. Reply
    Harshad Kokate says:

    Hi Amit,

    I have installed the salesforce extension pack in my VS code but I don’t see the link in test class to run all or Run test method.

    Please help

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