Introduction to Community Cloud

Introduction to Community Cloud | Setup Salesforce communities

Community Cloud, Salesforce Admin

In this post we will talk about what is Community cloud. In this post we talk about different Salesforce community license type, How to setup lightning community, navigation menu, Page Variations and Audience in Salesforce Community.

We will talk about some key features like community builder, audience setup, knowledge in community, snap-chat and lightning bolt solution.

What is Salesforce Community ?

In 2019 we did one session on Introduction to Salesforce Community with Phil Weinmeister in ApexHours. In that session we provided an overview of Salesforce Community Cloud and dive into some of its most exciting features like Community builder, audience targeting and Lightning bolt.

1) When should you consider community ?

  • Critical use cases involving your partners, customers or employees could be performed digitally through an online experience
  • Subpar (existing) online use cases could be enhanced or streamlined

2) Community Use Cases

  • Employees collaboration
  • Partner portal
  • eCommerce Enablement
  • Ideas/ Feedback
  • Self Service/ Support

3) Licensing & User types

Check below recording to learn more about licensing & User types.

Community License Type
Community License Type

Here is recording of session

If you want to learn more about Community Cloud please check Phil Weinmeister book.

How to Setup Salesforce Community?

Please check below recording to learn Step by step Salesforce process to setting up a Customer Community with Customer Service (Napili) Template

Content Layout in Salesforce Community

How to Create Custom Content Layout for Salesforce Communities with the help of lightning Component

Setup Communities Navigation Menu 

Navigation bar in the Salesforce provides the liberty to go through different topics to browse and provides direction back to the home page of the community. Please check this recording to learn about “How to Setup Communities Navigation Menu”

Page Variations and Audience in Salesforce Community

Learn about how to setup Page variation and Audience in Salesforce. Audiences are sets of criteria used to define community member segments. Use them to keep your community members engaged by offering them personalized, relevant content in a customized community

Knowledge In Community

Learn how to enable knowledge and how to use the same in community.

Snap in Chat in Salesforce Community

Learn about how to to enable snap in chat in Salesforce use the same in Salesforce community.

Lightning Bolt Solution

If you are new to Salesforce then please check below Apex Hours playlist


Apex Hours.

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