Introduction to Einstein OCR

Einstine OCR

In this session we will learn about Einstein OCR and Create/Update Leads and Contacts using Business Cards. Let’s welcome an amazing #Summer20 release gem – Einstein OCR. Now get optical character recognition (OCR) models that detect alphanumeric text in an image with Einstein OCR from a single REST API endpoint. Join us for a interesting … Read more Introduction to Einstein OCR

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Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action

Leverage the power of AI to predict what happens next in your business and curate an action plan for your leads based on predictions and recommend the best offer to your service users. Agenda Einstein Prediction Builder Set Up and overview Einstein Next Best Action overview Einstein Next Best Action Set Up Walk-through Considerations References … Read more Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action

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How to leverage your Forecasting with SalesCloud Einstein

Einstein Forecasting

Join us and learn How to leverage your forecasting capabilities in Salesforce using SalesCloud Einstein and Einstein Forecasting Data Science. We also talk about Maximizing the value of forecasting with AI and what all AI assets available for admins. Einstein Forecasting Empower sales leaders with predictive forecasts Increase Forecast Accuracy :Track every opportunity change and … Read more How to leverage your Forecasting with SalesCloud Einstein

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Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

Einstein Next Best Action is not AI.But it is still incredible. Today 16 FEB 2019 “ApexHours” organized another successful session on “Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)” with “Daniel Peter“. Join our Developer Group for all future event. Bookmark our this page for all future session. Here is recording of session :- Here is PPT of Session :- … Read more Einstein Next Best Action (NBA)

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Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots

In this session/post we will talk about what is chatbot and Salesforce Einstein Bot. Chatbot in Salesforce is named as Einstein Bots. If you want to configure the same in your developer org please check this post for step by step process What’s a Chatbot? A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation. Instead of … Read more Einstein Bots

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